Wargaming Week 25/03/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 18th through to the 24th of March.


The battle report from last week’s game is almost done – I’m just adding the last few touches to it, including a section talking about the scenario design and analysing the result. This is something that always comes up in the forum threads afterwards so taking a few days to get the infomation together myself makes sense.

I’m also starting to write up some thoughts looking at Spectre V2 and comparing some of the changes. From my first play, the final product is the same great game we had in version 1 but with many of the sticking points removed. More details coming soon!


First up, Sarissa are showing off some new bits of scenery and this caught my eye. I’ve been thinking about what my collection is missing and a big part of it is greenery. These vine trellises would be a really great thing to add to compounds for a MENA situation, adding some green while still creating something cool to fight through.

Spectre have started showing off a few things coming soon at Adepticon and Salute by putting up a few images of their new objective markers coming soon. I recommend clicking through to instagram and taking a look; there is a really nice combination of military hard cases full of guns alongside servers if you want something a little more urban. I’m already thinking of quite a few scenarios to use each of them.

Not too be outdone, Empress has finally given the German Infantry released last year something to roll around in. To match their near future look, the Puma IFV could have rolled out of a sci-fi film, totting a 30mm cannon and ATGM under that sleek armour. I’m really interested in one and I can see it being a great addition to the range. The Germans now have both an IFV and a MBT from Empress, letting you build up a reasonable force using them.

And of course, the sound of Fortunate Son blaring through the sky can only mean one thing – the first packs of the US Marines in Vietnam are here. Two packs of riflemen, a set of M60 gunners (including both a team and two individuals) and a pack of grenadiers.

I don’t need a new period, I don’t need a new period…

Finally, just squeezing in under the wire as I finish writing this post, Supreme Littleness Designs has shown off a new release that will be coming out at Salute – a Colonial Fort. I think this one looks pretty cool, especially after having built some of Mike’s other stuff. Although not designed for modern, it could be an interesting setpiece for anywhere in the MENA region that had a colonial touch. Maybe the local bad guys have found a useful place to dig in, taking advantage of the fortifications. Either way, I think I’ll be looking to pick one up.


Nothing this week, although my eyes are starting to look towards London and planning Salute purchases.


My main hobby time this week was spent painting up some scatter walls to get ready for Thursday’s game. Expect more pictures when I finish them (I only just got them to a playable state) but I really like them. They are a great addition to the board, making it feel more realistic and lived in. Now I just have to find where the rest of my scatter terrain has gone…

In other hobby news, no pictures but I managed to progress on the Sarissa Colonial buildings – they are all now undercoated and ready for me to start my process of washing and getting ready for the tabletop. Once these are done, it’s going to lead to some far more interesting street fights. I’m also hoping I can bring some extra colour to the game with them, not just tan.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!