Wargaming Week 01/04/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 25th through to the 31st of March.


I put up a new battle report last week! I know how much people love the games, especially when I get new kit out on the tabletop and this being the first go with Spectre V2 was especially special. Even if the scenario didn’t work, people still had a pretty good time. I also enjoyed taking a little longer to do the write-up, letting me really think back and analyse the game, as well as thinking about what I can change in future games. Also it means I actually get some sleep after running the game!

As I’m writing this, I’m also a good chunk of a way through writing up some thoughts on Spectre Operations Version 2, talking about the new book as well as quickly going over the rules tweaks and changes. I’m expecting to get it finished before Salute but there is a lot of stuff to cover in it. Overall though, I’m really enjoying the changes.


This week was Adepticon and Spectre was there, sharing a stand with Black Site Studios and their wonderful terrain. As well as a great demo board, it’s also acting as a little preview for what’s going to be coming out at Salute next week. The scenario markers from last week’s instagram preview were available as well as a mini-van in resin (something I’ve been asking for since watching them use one on SEAL Team) but the biggest news has to be the exclusive figure. Your own hitman, back out of retirement and taking down the mob. I really like

If you weren’t there, Spectre have said that the exlcusive figure will be available at Salute and online for a limited time. I am already throwing Spectre an email with a list of things on and I can’t wait to see it all in the flesh on Saturday!

Speaking of Salute, Eureka has also shown off some new things they are beinging with them. For anyone interested in Cold War Russian forces or using them for other things, the brand new heavy weapons should be an ideal addition to your teams. The figures are all brand new sculpts from Kostas and presented in Eureka’s style. The weapons are also a good set of additions – the mortar, AGS and SPG 9 have been released with Afghan users in the past but the new NSV gives you a much more modern machine gun than the DSHK. If you use the rest of the range, these guys are heartily reccomended.


Nothing – it’s almost like there is a giant monster waiting around the corner to take all of my money as well as pulling me into London for the weekend.

Although speaking of Salute I have a few plans of things I want to pick up. As well as the latest modern releases, I’m really looking for some stuff to add to the scenery collection. Adding the walls helped to bring the table in the last battle to life, so my next step is to add more scatter style terrain. More importantly, greenery – I need to really bring the board to life and not just make it a sea of brown and tan.


This week’s hobby time has been pretty limited by a whole host of real world things (both good and bad). So honestly, just had a little bit of a week off from it. Probably the most involved thing I’ve done is sit down and have a proper read through the Spectre V2 rulebook!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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