Wargaming Week 08/04/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 1st through to the 7th of April.

Ladies and gents, this is going to be a short one. And mostly about Salute.


My Impressions of Spectre Operations Version 2 are up! As I say in it, this new book is a real evolution of the game, rebuilding what was needed to make the game even better while still maintaining the core that made version 1 such an interesting game. You’ll be seeing me playing this a fair amount – as much as I love Skirmish Sangin, writing scenarios and handouts for it can be a bit of a slog. I’m working on making a way of speeding this up but for when I just want to grab a rulebook and go, Spectre has returned to being my go to product.




So I may have been a little busy at Salute – lots of wobbly shelves throwing items into my bag. Let’s run through the damage.

  • Spectre Miniatures – Carefully pre-ordered on Wednesday as I knew they would be sold out by the time I got there otherwise.
    • Baba Yaga – This year’s special edition will be a great addition to the undercover or bodyguard range. A nice dynamic pose really helps to see the character it’s supposed to be portraying.
    • Minivan – FInally! Steve from Spectre will stop having to listen to me begging for this! I’ve been desperately wanting a Minivan for operators to pour out of after watching S.E.A.L. Team do it in the very first episode. Civilian vehicles really expand the possibility space so get more on the table is always good
    • Objectives – I’m always looking for things to spark new scenario ideas and oh boy do the new objectives cover that in spades. I’m already looking at a few ideas, especially with that warhead.
  • Hasslefree
    • Modern Archaeologists – Okay, I love the games that inspired these two figures. More importantly, for all the things the remake of The Mummy with Tom Cruise did badly, it did interest me in the concept of some scenarios featuring archaeologists or treasure hunters working in an ongoing warzone. Keep your eyes open for these two popping up in a future game.
  • Militia Miniatures
    • Republican Guard – I’ll admit, I had taken a glance at the kickstarter for these guys and not been entirely sold on them. However, Westbury Wargamers (available on twitter and at their blog) showed them off in the metal and they looked pretty interesting. To add to my ongoing focus on the Middle East, I pick up all three packs for the Republican Guard. This should give me a team of regime loyalists/Bazi Royal Guard, complete with a nice commander figure ideal for a Special Forces team to attempt to snatch and grab
  • White Dragon Miniatues
    • Taliban – So this is a big one. I have been keeping a very close eye on these as they went through development and were previewed earlier year. Having now seen them in person, I just had to pick up the entire range, in a varety of heads, and get them on the board. There are some very clever design decisions, including some weapon combinations you just haven’t seen in use in other ranges. I think the double barrel will be a nasty surprise for an operator trying to breach and clear a location.


Between work (including some good news that might be slowing my hobby WAY down in May) and going to Salute, I’ve had a really slow hobby week again. I did manage to get a few odds and sods done, getting stuff mounted on bases and continuing some paint jobs.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!