Wargaming Week 15/04/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 8th through to the 14th of April.


My Salute report went up! People always seem to like them (maybe because it means they get to see Salute without risking their wallet) and honestly, showing stuff off is one of the bits I find fun going to

A few people said they were quite impressed with the photos which I’m shocked at seeing as I was (in many cases) running and gunning with the Pixel 2XL. It does an incredible job no matter what you throw at it and I’m really hoping the Pixel 4 this year will keep the incredible camera.


First up, Tiny Terrain last week showed off the DSHK coming to their Chechen war. Both sides will be receiving support weapons in the next wave. Also mentioned is the T62 coming soon with a tentative date set for May.

After receiving them at Salute, Empress has been drip feeding out new sculpts for the US Marines in Hue. There are plenty more on Empress’s Facebook page, showing off a few really nice variations. Keep your eyes open for the full release soon I guess.

As you saw in last week’s pile of shame, White Dragon Miniatures released a literal pile of new models at Salute. From the entire Taliban range (including bikes) to Foxhound and Quads, Courage In Contact is slowly expanding out into a full range. It’s a really good looking set of figures and I’m right in the middle of getting both my Brits and Taliban all together.

Spectre has started their recovery from Salute. As well as cranking their way through the last few pre-orders, and getting stock back into action, they have been starting work on the next set of releases.

The mask in the photo above is a Russian made respirator. Based on that, we’re probably looking at some more CBRN guys. The question is, whose getting them? Russians are the obvious choice but this style is pretty old. Possibly the Militia might be needing some protection if they are handling the nuclear devices from the objectives packs.

Finally, not wargaming related but definitely part of the inspiration. The writer of Terminal Lance and the White Donkey is writing a new book I can’t wait for. Set in Afghanistan rather than Iraq this time, the artwork alone (including this very Metal Gear Solid inspired front cover). I’m really excited about it, especially as you don’t see media of troops in the upland portions of Afghanistan very much – after all, it’s normally deserts that everyone thinks about.


I point back to last week’s post and the haul from Salute, while explaining why I’m not buying more figures for a while. That said, I am looking at a second LTV but it may wait a little bit.


Main thing this week is assembling all my purchases from Salute. In other words, lots of basing, lots of resin, and lots of undercoating.

I’ve also been taking a look at my pile of unassembled models which meant I built a lot of drones this weekend. I’m going to try and get them done sooner rather than later.

The main thing from this week in the hobby has been finally getting all these Brits ready for painting up. For the first time, I’m using Stirland Mud which means I’m doing all my base texturing after the undercoat. However, the WW2 project is slowly rumbling on.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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