Wargaming Week 06/05/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 29th of April through to the 5th of May.


First up big news – I’m going quiet on the blog for the next three weeks. In fact, by the time you read this, I’m probably just taking off from Edinburgh Airport and heading out to the west coast of the USA for meetings. Sadly, I’m not planning on doing any hobby stuff while I’m there so this site would be pretty silent. I will be keeping an eye on the news coming out and putting it up on my Facebook page but you won’t get a Wargaming Week until I’m back in the UK.


4Ground have released a brand new kit that I’m actually quite interested in. Ideal for filling the roads of the Bazistan Oil Fields with prizes for the insurgents, I’m impressed with how this kit looks. Perhaps something to pick up when I get back.




In preparation for this week’s game, I finished off the minivan from Spectre Miniatures. This model is really cool and an addition I’ve been waiting on for AGES. Painting it was the same as most of my vehicles by actually ended up being done mostly via hand. After washing, I ended up lightly painting white back over it, giving it a brighter look compared to the previous white vehicles. I think I’ll be going back and repainting them to make them look a little cleaner.

On Thursday, desperate to get a game in before I go stateside, I ran a brand new game of Spectre Operations. In contrast to other games, we decided to make it a little more stealthy. And oh boy, it was incredibly tense. There is a full battle report coming soon (I took tons of pictures) and it was such a good time.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week soon!