News – Sourcebook Patreon

Well, it’s time to kick this project off.

For the last three years, I’ve been busy working on crafting wargames scenarios and systems for ultramodern wargaming. As part of this, I’ve built up a collection of writings, most of which is ready for the gaming table but not quite yet to actually show the general public. Everything from Special Forces raids to counter-insurgency missions to full frontal platoon level engagements, they all sit inside my Google Drive.

I have also loved setting up the fictional world featuring Bazistan, creating an imagi-nation that I feel is ripe for wargaming any number of scenarios and situations. Creating nations also lets me act super nerdy, creating logic for equipment choices and overall doctrine to be used in skirmish wargaming. Again, also sat in my Google Drive.

So for this reason, I’ve decided to start turning them into something a little more suitable. Almost like the sourcebooks for D&D, this is going to be a sourcebook for taking part in the fictional world that is maybe two steps away from our own.

My dream for this is to create something almost like an Osprey reference guide to the fictional nations, something you pour over and see the different forces involved in them. The scenarios and force lists are designed to be system agnostic, while also covering larger formations rather than simply focusing just on the fireteam level.

Because the project is going to be taking a long time, I’ve decided to create a patreon to help fund it. As well as helping me to put some time aside for it (and motivation), funds will start going into a pot to let me start to make it look good – pictures are worth 1000 words and a good quality map can help make scenarios much easier to understand. Additionally, it would be perfect to include some example soldiers.

Another side of using Patreon means there can be some back and forth, letting you give you impressions of pieces as they come out. I’ve done a chunk of reading but still feedback is a great help.

EDIT: This patreon was closed and is no longer available.

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