Wargaming Week 22/07/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 15th through to the 21st of July.


First up we took a look at the War Zone Arabia buildings from Black Site Studios. Building these things was really exciting – they are some nicely designed kits, with interiors perfect for playing through. They will be getting their first taste of combat this week, and I can’t wait!

Also hitting the table this week are the Contractor Ops team I finally painted up over my holiday. As I say in the article, these guys were great fun, ideal for a whole host of different roles and teams in modern settings.

The Patreon this week also got a new post covering the Whys of the setting I chose for this project. The next post is going to detail the Aden Defence Force platoon and squad arrangement, adding some information to one of the new forces in the region.


One bit of news: TTTS has a new release for their US Army range, bringing a 60mm Mortar team ready to provide your guys with some close quarter integrated support. I quite like the mortar pit it comes with as well, might be something to look at when it is released.

Another preview from TTTS is that they are making a War Pig! One of the stranger SF vehicle conversions, this vehicle would be a perfect supply carrier for a mixed Special Forces convoy. More details in August, but it’s an exciting addition to see.


Tired of having figures everywhere, I decided to pick up the supermassive KR Case. The reason for this is that I am a fan of the KR case system, using it for my game bag. Having a case that fits these tray easily while also being able to move it just made sense. The setup process for heading to a game is just pulling out the right trays from this larger box, before putting them in the travel case and heading out.

I also grabbed a few pieces from the TTCombat interior range this week as well. With the large spaces inside the Black Site buildings, some sofas, chairs and more were needed to fill the rooms and make them into obstacles, rather than just open shooting galleries. Fingers crossed they arrive in time!


Literally, just as the post last week went up for you all to see, a package arrived on my desk of T62s from Tiny Terrain. These were beautiful little things to build. Having run out of spray paint midway through undercoating, I had to pause in their assembly. However, post should be coming soon.

I finally finished off the 4th humvee that has been sat on my desk. This is another standard one, lacking any extra electrical elements or fancy kit. This simplicity means it could easily run under a national army or with the local militia. However, rather than run it entirely clean, I added some stowage on the back. More details when I get some more of Humvee turrets built up.

Speaking of cleaning up my desk, I finally assembled the LTV that was sat on there since just after I went to the states. This one needed a little cleanup to get the fit but I think it had turned out looking good. Similarly, I also assembled the Light RWS Spectre sell. This is a really cool piece and to improve my options with it I also assembled a Technical mount as you can see above.

As part of my desk clean up, I also pulled out the Spectre objective markers and started looking at getting them ready for the tabletop. Mostly this is just getting them on thin pieces of plasticard, with some basing together. Fingers crossed, you’ll be seeing them in Thursday’s game, making it look like an AESA safe house.

Most of my hobby time, however, has been spent moving figures around bits of foam, getting my new hardcase set up with a storage setup. Massively reducing the number of figures sharing slots in the foam, binning some super-thin foam pieces that were at risk of falling apart and final clearing my coffee table of all the loose figures.

And of course, as with any week before a game, I’m getting the game planned out.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!