Wargaming Week 29/07/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 22nd through to the 28th of July.


Big news this week was that I ran a game! The second part of the adventures of Captain Amari, it was a bit of a monster, with that number of players (especially with most of them not knowing the rules). As always I ended up rushing the prep slightly but it was overall pretty damn fun. And now I just have to plan the next one!


It’s summer so things are pretty quiet. However, Spectre Miniatures are running their usual summer sale, ready to take all your money while offering double points on everything.

More importantly, Spectre has finally released the errata and points for V2. Both pdfs are available on the website, ideal for keeping games of Spectre flowing. The Errata fixes are mostly common sense, but the extra profiles for the Attack Helicopter are a great expansion of the OTA option.


Well, thinking ahead to the next game in the campaign, we’re going to need some more multiroom buildings to CQB through. After seeing Treadheadz work on facebook, I’ve put in an order with Knights of Dice and have already started planning some of the room tweaks. More details when they arrive!

I’ve also grabbed a few things from the Spectre sale – I realised the Luxury SUV would be perfect for the new Contractors and was an element missing from my collection. I also grabbed another turret for the HMVs – a full armoured turret bravo ready to add a spare .50cal I have to it to give me a few more options when kitting the Humvees up.


Probably the main thing from this week was doing a few interior elements for on Thursday. I didn’t finish as much as I had planned and the ones I did manage to get ready chipped a little bit . I also had a play with my airbush as part of this, leading to a situation of rushing to learn how to use a new toy. I’ll be doing some more work on this stuff before I really show it all off.

The main hobby activity this weekend was digging into the Knights of Dice buildings, specifically the villas. These were pretty fun to build and I have to admit I’m loving having more multi-room and level buildings which are ideal for the skirmish games I love to play.

Now I just need to get all these buildings painted up…

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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