Wargaming Week 09/09/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 2nd through to the 8th of September.


Empress has had a pretty busy week with a literal pile of releases! First up, the M113 ACAV is now available in 1/50 scale as part of the Vietnam range. Coming with the all the parts you need to cover it in machine guns and perfect for rolling around the hills and streets of Vietnam, this is a cool looking piece of kit. I can see plenty of use for it outside of Vietnam and in Ultramodern settings as well, especially if you take off a few machine guns.

Following on from Spectre releasing some of their Kickstarter exclusives, it’s time for Empress to do the same! Unlike the frantic ebaying that happened for me to get mine, you can now just order your own NZ SAS figure from Empress from the limited quantities left. I really like the look of this guy – he’s perfect to add as a leader to other Empress SF figures. Get them while they are still in stock!

Empress are also entering the Afghan civilian market with their first two releases. With a pack of Afghan women (ideal for decorating any village scene) and a pack of an Afghan man and boy on donkey (something for an ISAF convoy to encounter or to approach a checkpoint), these two packs are an exciting start to assembling a full village worth of civilians.

Finally for Empress, they ended the week with an additional Vietnam vehicle – the terrifying and odd looking M50 Ontos. One of the strangest vehicles to be deployed and only really used in Vietnam, the six recoiless rifles are perfect for delivering a volley of high explosive rounds. Perfect for when you need to fight through Hue street by street. I think it also looks a fun kit to build – it’s going to be a neat addition to any board.

Finally, the UK has a new Eureka stockist! FIghting 15s for a long time was the best way of getting Eureka’s rather excellent range here in the UK but earlier this year they had announced they were no longer stocking them, However, Eureka have managed to organise another seller, who has just opened this week. They already have the full range up, so get buying!


Nothing, still working through the piles of stuff I currently have.


Not much hobby this week but but I did get to spend my weekend down in Leeds for some dental work. However, I used the Sunday afternoon to head over to York and meet up with my Usual Opponent and friends to sit down and paint. And I managed to get some done! As you can see above, I took the Gringo 40’s NVA from undercoat all the way up to mostly done (apart from wash and final drybrush). More details coming this week.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!