Wargaming Week 16/09/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 9th through to the 15th of September.


New post on the Gringo 40’s guys coming tomorrow! Just need to do the finishing touches to it.


This week is a week of Spectre news! First of all, a massive tease from them – it looks like we have a big Spectre release coming this weekend seeing as they are assembling a new board for it. Including a hanger and a new pattern drone, it’s quite an interesting tease – guesses for what the new release is on postcards!

Spectre also put out some releases. First up, the Contraband pack is the last set of objectives that were first available back at Salute. A pile of money and a pile of drugs are perfect for decorating any classic criminal hideout.

The other release is a new upgrade for the technical range. Containing a new set of bull bars, a snorkel and a roof rack with prefilled storage, this is a neat addition to the range that has been a long time coming (you can see it in the version 1 rulebook on the African technical). I have to admit, I’m tempted to pick up another technical to include it.


If you are just here modern stuff, you might want to keep scrolling…

Okay, so the Games Workshop hammer hit me pretty hard this week. First up, after seeing my friend Matt assembling some Aeronautica Imperialis stuff on the weekend, I decided that I quite fancied a few planes myself. I’ve always wanted some of the flyers from 40k but Forgeworld was always too expensive. 8mm is also a more sensible scale. In addition, I’m very interested in the game itself – I like X-Wing and other games like it but always disliked the range guessing. Bring on the hexes. Now I also have to wait for some Valkyries…

The other GW thing was this pair of sun bleached boxes. They have been in my local newsagents window for the last year and a bit and frankly, I could never see them getting sold. So I decided to go in there and make the man behind the counter an offer for them. In the end I got them for a third of the actual price which is a pretty good deal. Not 100% on my plans for them but it should be interesting to play around with.


As you might have guessed, first thing was finishing off my NVA figures. It still amazes me just what a wash and a dry brush can to do a paint job. I’m actually quite happy with the final result and I like just how well they fit with my other insurgents.

New boxed game meant new things to build so I started making planes. I’m taking my time with them, enjoying the feel of plastic kits again. So far, I’ve done the Thunderbolts you see above (a nice mix of air to air and air to ground under the wings) and two Marauder bombers (one with a mix, the other loaded with bombs). The Ork fighter sprue is out and will begin assembly this week. The plan is not to buy any more until all my planes are painted but we shall see how that goes

Finally, more assembly work. This time on my Canadian LAV-III. There were a few fun bits (like the turret rear cage) and it’s still missing the crew and pintle MG but I really like the look of this thing. It will be a terror on the tabletop as well!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!