Wargaming Week 28/10/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 21st through to the 27th of October. NEWS No news! Last week was a pretty major dump while this week is pretty much silent. PURCHASES After last week's post, I grabbed some of Sarissa Precision's compound walls - I've been looking to assemble these for a long time … Continue reading Wargaming Week 28/10/2019

Wargaming Week 21/10/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 14th through to the 20th of October. NEWS https://www.facebook.com/mailempressminiaturescom/posts/2439370856160022?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCHZu9GIvTfCQ-4-wtY4-2LgQnz_bk2E5Ub2JIoJTF7W1rIcS7oLrjbWM-uyT_DthVtRobZyTQTuIYPktZrxq93G3PXWT2QyxoyIRTkFQyXfoH0atpRQkP7z2p5SIItSZq2dIlGSPXV6DTx7uI27eROTYw_kAtUAd9V_6V_XuU7CszahZ-DJ83rvfHNfrWnYoV_5r0UdBN4wBsKz79_FeUZEGEbHF5YSomMW6B_1fBa2W7Cwm_kSnauHoQ4zoNGlEUsHgZAki2qAbA1iGk_3NxfVWvUQq_YseuGaq9TUY2UK1I0LIg8nvViOKJToUw8IHMudX3IB4yWgF9IJH_nnPTj4FVLx9kE6s_t8p_8xE_xpkcNuYSc7UFJjvIvvzBwtfIN2M034_OtFxDzL8tVZ_MFS0vdIb4ZSBEvYJA7CR31FcudYaZPcipXvuzw2wnMLJyFpy6m7pWu7NL2n6ieXS_FrnZOtLCkN-Q0A3WoToCKLvhxmqqdcFvGZI1a&__tn__=H-R First up, Empress has released some Vietnam US Armoured crew, ideal for modifying all your vehicles for Indochina. As well as their use in Vietnam, I can see plenty of use in smaller third world nations in ultramodern, perfect … Continue reading Wargaming Week 21/10/2019

Wargaming Week 14/10/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 7th through to the 13th of October. NEWS https://www.facebook.com/mailempressminiaturescom/posts/2424016541028787?__tn__=H-R Arriving just too late for last week's post, we have some brand new Empress WW2 Brits. These figures are just going to moulding and I have to say they look perfect - probably my favourite models in the range. … Continue reading Wargaming Week 14/10/2019

Wargaming Week 07/09/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 30th of September through to the 6th of October. NEWS https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=398737580970157&id=161718998005351&__xts__[0]=68.ARBKziCIlGrupwIpQvuXlf3ZY2to2e087vR0jkgb9b5VG2E_PeU18eHHwtBEvteaZZwxGw5qioBVziA4l_ChAHThqH19xNuDOaDUHkSyCt5EsxjxDYykng0QOhCne-LOoIRGk9E63v_ryW_4GlHTus__blsAeu687nIgDx5xBj0UuRDQGPBR8QUM3gKKe9tQ5baGEx1CExJkX5eWVJLlLixED69jDID85HXFgAQIvL7UwZRpM1GjFQ960VLzwFDsIIO7kaZkPXELmyQxai2YYTV_BRQrf7AQYfLeilIyHGJp837r8fpgGPoCMMRFBNkYYQYXTXd0UjWf3a0kWqsMqRQ&__tn__=-R First up we have a new rules alert. Zone Alfa is an upcoming ruleset from Osprey covering post-apocalyptic skirmishing in Eastern Europe. If that description brought up images of STALKER to your mind, this is pretty much … Continue reading Wargaming Week 07/09/2019