Wargaming Week 07/09/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 30th of September through to the 6th of October.


First up we have a new rules alert. Zone Alfa is an upcoming ruleset from Osprey covering post-apocalyptic skirmishing in Eastern Europe. If that description brought up images of STALKER to your mind, this is pretty much it. I’m interested in taking a look at the rules – it’s a neat way of reusing modern figures in a tweaked setting or an excuse to add some more to your collection.

Empress dropped a pile of new releases before SELWG. As well as some interesting Vietnam releases such as stowage that might be useful on vehicles, two more packs of Afghan civilians have come out. There is a nice mix of poses and characters (I’m a big fan of the woman pouring tea and the man carrying the bundle of sticks). These would all be perfect for scattering around a tabletop set before the action kicks off – perhaps the man gathering firewood ends up stumbling over a Special Forces team setting up an OP.


Back to Empress this week for two small orders. The first was to complete my late war WW2 Brits. More details on those in the hobby section.

The second was the new Afghan Civilians. I also grabbed the first two sets with them so I can add some more detail to my Bazistan battlefields – I’m very interested in seeing how these more characterful figures can be used alongside the Eureka ones. It should provide a challenge to the players with all this human terrain added to the table.


This week was a lot of assembly time, mainly because work is kicking my ass and I spent my Sunday running around fields playing ultramodern wargames in 1:1 scale (aka Airsoft). So the main thing was putting these WW2 brits on bases. The Support pack is all on 25mm bases to be used individually (although I’m not sure how much the piper will hit the table if I’m using him as an adjutant in Chain of Command). The two radio teams are going to be used as Jumping off points – effectively the troops being directed by NCOs taking orders from the radio squads. I’m not 100% sure of it but it should be dramatic on the tabletop.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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