Wargaming Week 14/10/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 7th through to the 13th of October.


Arriving just too late for last week’s post, we have some brand new Empress WW2 Brits. These figures are just going to moulding and I have to say they look perfect – probably my favourite models in the range. These four are the command element, perfect for representing NCOs or officers in your force. I’m already parcelling out which one is going where in my Chain of Command Platoon – naturally, the old man in his greatcoat will be my Senior Leader. I am definitely going to pick these up ASAP – I really want to get these guys on the table, so a perfect kick in the ass to get going on that project.

Also from Empress is more Vietnam War previews! Now I don’t normally report on them (because there are new previews literally every day) but I am keeping an eye on them. This one is definitely one of my favourite I’ve seen and, more importantly, could fit anywhere in the MENA theatre with a few minor tweaks. I love just how well equipped this guy looks – even down to the optic on his RPG-7.

Spectre also popped up this week with a new preview of new models. And oh my – looks like we’re going back to Africa. The oldest of the Spectre ranges is getting some new additions. It’s great to see that revolver militiaman (who I previewed in Spectre’s Unreleased Models in October 2017) is about to see the light of day, alongside another similar looking fighter with an M16 with M203.

What I’m interested in is the lower pair. Dressed in robes and turbans, these guys are much more Boko Haram than urban guerrilla. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this range is going to look like, especially as I can see plenty of uses for them elsewhere in the MENA theatre.

Next up, White Dragon Miniatures! They went on a bit of a preview bender this week, uploading the images to the Modern Miniatures group (and nowhere else). So I uploaded them to my page to share the good news.

The next set of releases are all about support. The first preview is a pair of British Sniper teams, combining a sniper with a .338 L115 with a spotter using a sniper support weapon version of the L129A1. These guys are a step above what is available in the standard platoon, and getting them in two poses just increases the ways they can be used and mixed with the existing figures.

Of course, White Dragon Miniatures opening up the weapons company means more toys are coming out – including this heavy machine gun for a more “wide-area approach” to fire support. I do like the loader with his ammo box.

Naturally, you can’t keep all the toys to BLUFOR – even the Taliban are getting some heavy weapons with this DSHK team. The rocks on the tripod are a nice touch, just to keep it in place – a sign these guys actually know what they are doing.

Sally 4th posted up some interesting ideas on a possible expansion to their terrain range. Having done some kits for building up some sci-fi buildings, Sally 4th is investigating bringing the idea to the modern-day, particularly aiming for larger multi-room buildings. I like the idea of this – Sally 4th makes good products and the multi-media aspect should make it more interesting to look at than pure MDF can be.




Another hammer of a week at work so no more hobby news. However, I have a few more things to assemble and base. I’ve also got next weekend at home so fingers crossed stuff will be painted.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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