Wargaming Week 21/10/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 14th through to the 20th of October.


First up, Empress has released some Vietnam US Armoured crew, ideal for modifying all your vehicles for Indochina. As well as their use in Vietnam, I can see plenty of use in smaller third world nations in ultramodern, perfect to stand out from more modern US crew.

Delta Zero, an interesting looking tabletop game from the guys down under who do the Power Stance Gaming Podcast, is now on Kickstarter. I’m really interested in giving a go at the rules and see what it does (I’m expecting some similarities to Infinity due to the people involved) but I’m less interested in the figures. Some look really good (the SAS especially) but there are others that just don’t look quite so good.

Spectre has released the Hescos they have been teasing for weeks. Available in two sizes, these hescos are simple, ideal to be used in the construction of segments before being filled and surrounded with sand. It will be pretty cool to see what people come up with them – I’m definitely going to pick some up in the new year once I start assembling some firebase terrain.

Speaking of terrain, Footsore and Sarissa have finally released the the ambassador’s compound they have been developing together. The wall system seems really interested, a neat way of hooking the sections together to make them more stable. Available either as separate sections or in a bundle, this could be a neat way of quickly assembling compounds to fight over. I’m definitely looking at picking up multiple wall sections to go around the Knights of Dice stuff I have.

Finally, along with the Vietnam stuff, the WW2 British pack of officers is out. I am definitely going to pick a set up so my platoon is almost ready to be assembled.


I’m actually working on a little side project, taking a break from the browns and greys of moderns to do some more sci-fi stuff. I’ve picked up a few units of Games Workshop’s Dark Eldar, planning to build a few small units for skirmish play. You’ll see more when they arrive.


This week’s hobby was painting more of my Eldar Outcast Bounty Hunter for Necromunda/Sci-fi skirmish stuff. It’s a lovely model from Artel-W and I’ve really enjoyed painting it, as well as trying out some new ideas. I’m taking a pause so I can get some more paints to get the palid face of an Eldar that has been stuck in the underhive for a long time. Fingers crossed, they should arrive this week so I can finish her off. I’ve had great fun with the GW technical paints, including the rusted metal I’ve used on the base.

And as a final touch before the end of the week, I finally painted this little guy. The Vistor from Spectre is a fun little model to paint up, and it was fun to do in just an evening. A few simple base colours and a wash or two and he’s ready to appear on the table… maybe mind-controlling a few operators.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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