Wargaming Week 04/11/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 28th of October through to the 3rd of November.


First up, God’s Eye Games has announced that Contact Front is at the printers. I’m really excited about this set – it seems like a game truly focused on the setting, themeing its rules around the theme deeply. There is definitely a place for a generic set of rules, but seeing stuff go more in-depth can produce some very exciting rules that really fire the imagination. I’ll be keeping my eye open for when they release, and take a good look at them before reporting back.

Black Site Studios have announced a new set of releases to expand their Warzone Arabia range. These new releases are focused on the old town area of the city, giving you all these little details to really make the town look like an urban centre. I’m quite a big fan of the shanties set, some to really add some tactical challenges. Like with all Black Site Studios stuff, these buildings are prepainted MDF so ideal for getting them onto the board and good to go.


No purchases – got plenty of things to work on.


Between work and being away, the only hobby I have managed to do is start assembling some pointy-eared assholes. The new Incubi from Games Workshop are a joy to assemble – nicely designed and still with plenty of options. I’m really impressed with the final product, and can’t wait to assemble the rest of the Dark Eldar I have on my desk.

The other thing that arrived this week is a stack of MDF for Sarissa. I’m very interested in getting these built so I can take a look at them, as well as getting them ready for the table. Stay tuned for some big pictures of them all laid out – the size will definitely be an interesting element to them.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!