Wargaming Week 19/11/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 11th through to the 19th of November.

(Yep, day later than planned things are pretty busy right now)


Big news of the week – Contact Front is out! Available either in physical or digital formats, this new ruleset is focused on platoon level conflicts in ultramodern environments, with the first book focusing on actions in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2006. I’ve had a little read of it and I’m very excited to take a deeper look. Not 100% when I will get it on the table but my thoughts are coming soon.

As a good start to their digital plans, Gods Eye Games has also released a PDF to allow for use of the Australians (focusing on 2006-2014) in the game. You can find it on their site here!

Of course, if you are looking for figures to be playing these games in Afghanistan, then White Dragon Miniatures is showing off even more from their next set of releases. This latest pack is a Taliban IED team, featuring both the pair of blokes putting it in the ground and also the spotting team ready to set it off and record the aftermath. I’m always a fan of including the less conventional aspects in scenarios, as it makes players have to do more than just advance and engaging everything before them.

This set is also pretty good for making sneakier operations – one of my favourite from Skirmish Sangin is a team of Navy SEALs taking out a bomb maker in the middle of the night. This set would be perfect for that.

New news from the Spectre workbench – we’re finally seeing what those Russian gas masks were being used for. As you can see, they seem to be going on a figure wearing CBRN kit – the trousers wrapped over the boots make it look like coveralls, as well as the hood meeting the gas mask. I’m not 100% what the vest is – I’m guessing it is webbing gear but I’ll be interested in seeing it on the finished model.

As well as more masked figures, there is also another gentleman appearing to wear an ushanka and coat. I might be wrong, but the look does seem very Eastern European. I’ll be interesting to see what’s coming soon.

Empress is showing off some upcoming stuff and a brand new technique they are using to create new products. Digital sculpting for vehicles makes a lot of sense and it’s great to see them showing it off. More interesting for collectors is what’s being made – a Centurion all ready for Vietnam. As someone who watched a film around the Battle of Long Tan

Now, I have in the past not show off SASM figures (now Footsore North America). This was mostly down to not being a fan of their products, as well as some general unpleasentness. However, I do have a certain weakness for a certain style of operator figure and oh my do these SBS operators fit exactly what I like. Baseball caps and M4 variants really do open them up for a wide variety of roles, something I always like in my figures. I also think the new sculptor’s style more than the past, so I’ll be keeping an eye on them.

Am I going to buy them? Right now, probably not – the prices don’t quite match up. However, if the UK arm starts stocking them, I am tempted to potentially grab them.


I’ve picked up a few things from Northstar after they announced they were selling off some plastic undead villagers for cheap due to damaged boxes – I’m actually splitting that box with a friend from work. There are also a few other figures in there, perfect for my fantasy project. More details once they arrive.


Another week with sadly no hobby due to work. Once this task is done, painting time should hopefully return.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!