Wargaming Week 02/12/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 25th of November through to the 1st of December.

I’m writing this with a cold that’s making my head a bit fluffy so apologies for any mistakes.


This week is Spectre news central. First up, a little hint of what’s coming soon and… it’s more John Wick. I’ll admit, not exactly what I’ve been expecting but they did list the first John Wick figure as part of a range. This guy is a lot more aggressive-looking than the first figure which should be interesting. However, exciting to see new figures on the way!

Spectre also has announced they will no longer be producing their resin products in house. Frankly, I think this is great – the resin work that Spectre has done recently is pretty good quality but there has definitely been a massive drop in release speed due to the team having to make each resin cast themselves. The team will be keeping their kit so it is possible we will see some limited releases using resin (such as con exclusives).

Finally for news from Vietnam, Paul Hicks is showing off some Recon Marines for the Empress range. I love the variety of kit and weapons on show here – it’s getting very hard to resist picking up just a few of them for fun.


It was Black Friday this week! I picked up a few pieces of MDF from Sarissa I’ve been missing from my collection to finish out my urban middle east set. And while ebaying, I might have added a few more dark elves for my fantasy gaming. More details when they arrive.


I actually managed to get some hobby done this week! Mostly just assembling things but it still counts. First up, finally rebased my White Dragon Miniature figures onto some GW bases. I got these guys when the range first came out and then clipped the tabs off so they could go on my usual bases. However, the stabilty was terrible so I ended up pull them off those bases and… doing nothing with them.

Now however, after mounting the Taliban on their proper bases, I decided to get these onto something that matched and provided a little more support. Maybe now I can actually get around to painting them.

Speaking of painting, my bases from North Star arrived… along with a few extra metal models for fantasy work. I’ve started planning out the “story” that will go behind the quests these figures will end up going on, so now I’m excited to begin getting them all painted up. I will admit, I think the range of human fantasy figures that North Star stocks has to be some of the best.

Finally, I got around to getting my Empress Afghan Civilians on bases. These models are lovely, but I’m especially happy with some of the grouped sets, like the trio with the tea cups or the old man and his donkey. Once ready, I look forward to using these to add a bit more interaction between the players and the locals – perhaps gathering intelligence will become more of a part of the game?

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!