Wargaming Week 09/12/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 2nd through to the 8th of December.


News this week out of Spectre – we have new African Militia on the way! As we saw in the greens a few weeks ago, there are two styles of African militia coming – some that look like an expansion to the existing range (with the sunglasses and street clothes) and other with a more Boko Haram look. I’m interested in both, but I can see the robed figures ending up in Arab style paint schemes.

With metal in hand, I can see these guys coming very soon…


The only purchase this week was an unexpected one – someone at work was clearing out their hobby cupboard and put up an almost complete (i.e. missing three figures) copy of the Dark Imperium box. To cap it off, it was a 1/3rd of the price of a full box. So frankly, it was a steal.

Not planning on playing 40k with it, but I’m sure I might think up something to do with them.


Work is slacking off with us reaching a release, so I actually had time for some work. The first step was some green stuffing work. This ghillie suited sniper from Warlord has been sat on my desk for a while, plastic head and sten replacing the clipped off pieces. However, I only just got round to ‘sculpting’ the new hood to fill in the pieces. It’s not going to win an award, but should be good enough to setup this pair as a team of spotter and shooter.

I’ve also started work on one of my fantasy figures, replacing her hairstyle with one to match a favourite character from Overwatch. More details once I actually finish her.

Speaking of non-modern things, I finally assembled my Dark Eldar Warriors kit. Fun building plastics, rather than the metals of must of my games. I think the kit has some great parts but the posing is pretty limited. However, they should be fun on the tabletop for whatever I end up doing with them.

Finally, and the big thing this week, I assembled The Ambassador’s Compound from Sarissa Precision. A bundle of their compound wall range as well as a unique style of building, this pack was a pretty fun build. More thoughts in a blog post soon that I have already started writing!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!