Wargaming Week 16/12/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 9th through to the 15th of December.

Blog Stuff

I am partway through writing up my initial impressions of the Ambassador’s Compound I showed off last week, mostly trying to get into details so everyone reading can know how best to pick it up and expand it. It’s a really cool set and I really want to get into detail on just what you can do with it. Also, I was busy packing up for Christmas Break that started this week. But it will be done soon!


First up, Empress dropped 4 separate releases on us this week in their Ultramodern Civilian range. Now, being an idiot who read the news while on his morning off, I didn’t notice that these new packs have a new ID code on them “MIDCIV”. On closer inspection, these four packs are actually designed for use in the Middle East, as opposed to Afghanistan. There are some key designs to them that make them stand out but I think it’s safe to say they could possibly be mixed in with the Afghan civilians (especially if you’re setting your games somewhere more urbanised).

Once again, I’m very interested in these sets – it’s a sad fact of modern war that you can never have too many civilians to get in the way.

Squeaking in before the end of the year, Spectre has also put a few new figures out. Adding to their classic range of the African Militia, three new leaders are now available. As well as the big boss warlord with his M16 and M203, there are two squad leaders – one looking rather more like the rest of his squad, the other ready for the mean streets totting a revolver and acting as a common thug. There is also now an African crewman figure for your technicals, finally free from his prison on a page of the Spectre Operations rulebook. The figures look cool and independent, showing off the unique look these militias can have.

Additionally, we have got a little taster for a new set of figures joining the African Militia in the form of a pair of robed Nomad militia fighters, coming in a support pack (PKM and RPG). I’ll freely admit, I think I would have preferred to see these figures all released as one big event or even as a new collection. However, they have been released as a little bit of a tease of an upcoming range. They look like they will be a fun range, and with the right paint job, can be deployed to several locations around the world.


I picked up the new Spectre releases! I know, shocking. The African Militia will join their buddies for when I finally get round to Zaiweibo but the robed chaps will be painted up as desert nomads.


This week was all about wrapping up at work and getting ready for some time off so my hobby time was less than zero. However, with this Christmas break starting, I should have plenty of time to get a little more done.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Actually, after looking at the dates, you’ll see more updates next year! Fingers crossed it will start off with post full of newly painted models.