Relocating Hobby HQ

Big news time – I’m taking a break from writing stuff for this blog.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that my day job is currently based in Edinburgh (more details there, trying not to cross the streams too hard). However, I’m originally from Leeds and with family and friends in the area, I do keep finding myself back there. Not to mention, the Usual Opponent is also close by, complete with his fiendish plotting. With a new year and a family situation change, I’ve decided to move back to Leeds and set up there. I’m very lucky that my work has decided to support this move and so, with only minimal interruptions, I’ll be starting work in the Leeds studio in a few weeks.

Of course, this means I have to move all my life (and more importantly my hobby materials) down to Leeds. Which means I need to organise a house down there. And, as you can see, I have an awful lot of stuff to get packed and ready to go. This meaning I will have exactly 0 time to paint or wargame and not much time to be spent updating this blog.

However, looking forward, moving to Leeds should improve my hobby output. For one, I’m going to have more space! Every property I’m looking at is a marked improvement over the two-room flat I have up here in Edinburgh, with enough space to separate living room and hobby room. I’ll also have a driveway/garage to use, meaning larger projects (such as the pile of buildings I have). Finally, having space to entertain means I should be able to run more games in my own home, something I’ve always wanted to do.

So the plan is to take off the whole of February, giving me time to move in somewhere and get settled before coming back sometime in March. Watch this space for more updates.