Wargaming Week 07/04/2020

The sun might be coming out in the UK but isolation will continue. Despite being home, the hobby energy is still a little low – mostly because I’m playing a ton of Modern Warfare as this season of content comes to an end. I’m definitely going to write a post or two about that game – there is plenty to steal for a possible wargamer.

But enough about that, lets talk about wargames.


News is running out as companies start to lockdown. Empress did, however, manage to get a limited release out. And it’s definitely one a lot of fans will have been looking for – the ANZAC Centurion tank. Perfect for crushing it’s way through the undergrowth to clear a path for your Diggers, it’s a lovely looking kit. I’m a big fan of just how much stowage they included. Seeing as everyone and their mothers used the Centurion, it can definitely be on other battlefields, perhaps with a little more sand. Sadly, if you’re wanting one and didn’t order you’re going to be waiting a little bit – the first run has sold out, and restock may not arrive until after lockdown finishes.


I finished doing some painting! Here we have the first fireteam of my USMC figures all painted up and ready to go. Now I’ll be the first to say, the camo is really designed to give the impression of MARPAT rather than being 1 to 1. However, I think it does a good enough job from 3ft away. It is also a pattern I can paint at a reasonable pace (if I put my mind to it) so expect me to keep on working on these guys. I currently have enough for a full squad of US Marines (using the old TOE with 13 marines) with a few additional supporting elements such as SMAW gunners so I have plenty to be getting on with.

Seeing as I’m going to have a little more time for painting, I decided to grab a few supplies to make it a little easier. Mainly, after having to keep swapping models between handles while doing the fireteam, I picked up two more normal handles (now in red) so I can do the full group of four figures on handles at the same time. On top of that, the large size handle is perfect for the larger based figures, such as the jumping off points for Chain of Command or, as above, the prone figures that Empress like to include in all its ranges.

Less cool but good for the long term – brush soap. Not much else to say about it, other than it definitely helps.

Finally, with my time at home, I’ve continued working on my own ruleset I’ve been playing around with. It’s not quite ready for showing off just yet, but the short form is it’s taking a few mechanics I’ve loved in other games, adding a few ideas I’ve had about making characters feel like individuals and then putting it into a package that should be relatively quick to pickup and get playing. More details coming when I finish writing it and start testing it further. Based on the current situation, you might even see some solo-play rules for it!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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