Wargaming Week 25/05/2020

Well, we're still in lockdown and I'm still mostly stuck in my house, playing Call of Duty and occasionally painting some models (when I'm not working). https://hntdaab.co.uk/blog/2020/05/20/sitrep-bazi-royal-guard-part-1/ Big new thing I'm trying out - going to be starting to do more short-form articles than waiting to make giant ones. Mostly because I'm bored of seeing … Continue reading Wargaming Week 25/05/2020

Wargaming Week 20/05/2020

A little delayed this week, had some trouble finding the time to sit down and get this update written. And shockingly, there is actual news to cover! Before that though, tonight on Twitch I'll be taking a look at the Militia Miniatures Republican Guard figures and getting them painted up as the Bazi Royal Guard, … Continue reading Wargaming Week 20/05/2020

Wargaming Week 11/05/2020

Welcome back, to a new Wargaming Week! NEWS https://www.facebook.com/mailempressminiaturescom/posts/2881572128606557?__tn__=H-R New update from Empress - they are working on a version two of their two page ruleset "Danger Close" to add vehicles and aircraft. This will double the ruleset size up to four but should also make it more interesting for anyone slowly building up a … Continue reading Wargaming Week 11/05/2020

Wargaming Week 04/05/2020

Bit of a short post this week - nothing much new to report. That said, a few places are reaching the point where they might come back online, so maybe we'll see some more news and even releases soon? Personal news, going to be back streaming again this Wednesday! Plan is to take a look … Continue reading Wargaming Week 04/05/2020