Wargaming Week 04/05/2020

Bit of a short post this week – nothing much new to report. That said, a few places are reaching the point where they might come back online, so maybe we’ll see some more news and even releases soon?

Personal news, going to be back streaming again this Wednesday! Plan is to take a look at some USMC, either applying the final stages of camo on current set or beginning anew on the next fireteam. Same time as last week, starting at 8pm UK and going for two and a bit hours (or until we get bored).


Not grabbing the news stories for this, seeing as they are short, but Games Workshop and Perry Miniatures are both back online and ready to ship out orders to people. As with other companies that have remained open, both are running a little slower than usual and may have limited stock. But it is a good sign to see people finding ways to safely continue business and keep running.


As everyone who joined in the stream saw, I finish off the Baba Yaga model from Spectre, in a slightly different colour scheme. I’m also seeing him as a different character – Alexios Jonhnovich, freelance intelligence agent and fixer down in Aden.

I had decided on the light tan suit when I first picked the model (wanting something different from the usual black suited John Wick) but it was chat that suggested the pink shirt to go with it. I really like the overall look and can’t wait to get him into a scenario.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!