Wargaming Week 11/05/2020

Welcome back, to a new Wargaming Week!


New update from Empress – they are working on a version two of their two page ruleset “Danger Close” to add vehicles and aircraft. This will double the ruleset size up to four but should also make it more interesting for anyone slowly building up a collection of Empress’s products. I’ll be keeping an eye on it, ready to update the comparison doc when it releases.


Lichen! As part of my terrain building efforts, I’ve been picking up elements I’ve previously not needed before. Trees came first, but now it’s more rough ground cover for scrub brush. Ideal for concealment, this should help to make some of my boards “pop” a little more.

Wednesday’s stream saw me finishing these guys off – five more USMC guys for the collection all ready to go. You can also see the effects of the light box I picked up, which should make all my painting look slightly more passable.

Friday night saw me sit down with a few beers on a zoom call and start painting some of my WW2 British, inspired perhaps a little bit by it being VE Day. I only managed to get the first two layers done (and a few pieces of flesh) but I’m already pretty excited to be working on them. Amazing what a few colours can do!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!