SITREP – Bazi Royal Guard (part 1)

Tonight’s work from the stream – the first four soldiers of the Bazi’s Royal Guard. Made using Militia Miniatures Republican Guard figures, these guys will be hitting the mean streets of Bazi city to fight back against possible Special Forces insertion against key elements of the regime.

As you can see, these guys are a lot lighter armed and equipped than most of the other troops I have, so ideal for internal security/ beating up the locals who try to attack the regime. They were also super easy to paint up, with only a pair of pouches at most on these guys.

Next step is going to be painting up the rest of the Republican Guard models. These include a few extra riflemen, an RPG (that needs the deflector adding) and an officer with his pistol. One of them is also dressed up like an officer, so should be good fun to paint him up.

One figure I’m not painting up is knife boy. I’m really not impressed with him as a figure honestly – his head is out of proportion with his body and the pose is not great. I think I’m going to maybe do some surgery on him, either a head swap or something more invasive.

For anyone who might be wondering why this blog post just popped up, I’m thinking of breaking out my hobby updates into many smaller posts (SITREPS) rather than the one giant update every week. Monday will still be the news post, but this way I’ll actually post more than just once a week.