Wargaming Week 25/05/2020

Well, we’re still in lockdown and I’m still mostly stuck in my house, playing Call of Duty and occasionally painting some models (when I’m not working).

Big new thing I’m trying out – going to be starting to do more short-form articles than waiting to make giant ones. Mostly because I’m bored of seeing just “Wargaming Week” pop up in the “Recent Posts” tab and also because I want to write more for this place. So going forward, you’re going to see less in the update section and more up here, where I’ll embed the last week’s posts to show off what I’ve been working on.


Battlespace, a solo ultramodern game from Table Salt Gaming Designs is now out! Seeing as it looks right up my alley, I decided to pick it and give it a go. It’s pretty reasonably priced, the rules seem pretty interesting and I love the concept behind it. The book’s forces are insurgents vs US Army, and I’m looking forward to seeing just what it’s like… once I print off this pile of cards needed for it.

Empress is back up and beginning the new releases train – first up, the rest of the ANZAC Vietnam range. In addition to the SLR armed releases earlier in the year, these new packs add the required support options and command packs, such as figures with M16s, others with Owen guns (mostly for your scouts) and naturally the M60 for putting the fire down. Having just rewatched the film “Danger Close” (and the better documentary on Long Tan) I’m trying very hard to not start up a new theatre.

Big news for regular wargaming world, Warhammer 40k is getting a 9th edition. I’m including the CGI video above (because it does a pretty good job of getting people hype) but actually I’m quite excited to see how things are advancing in the world of Games Workshop. Although I’m not always a fan of the rules (I find the disconnect between lore and tabletop capabilities a little too wide) I do love the storylines they create and their model designers are top-notch. I actually have some 40k figures (thanks to some second-hand sales) so you might see an army being constructed, and maybe even some get some games in (depending on how the rules changes are)!

Finally, Knights of Dice (partially inspired by the release of Battlespace) are making new Tabula Rasa compound to be stormed. It’s a really nice looking setup but like all Tabula Rasa kits will need the extra details adding. No mention of a release date, but one to keep an eye on.


Speaking of Games Workshop, I’ve decided to enter the world of Necromunda. One of the group of friends back down in the north of England was just setting up for a Necromunda campaign when the lockdown begun. Seeing as I am now with reach of them, I thought I might join in once we’re able to meet in small groups. Of course, before that I’ll need a gang. And being the kind of person I am, it was time for some heavily armed enforcers to kick in the door. I’m not doing them as normal enforcers though – instead, I’m going to do them up as a private group of contract lawmen. So swap a few heads, add a few extra details and then get ready to beat up some low hive scum.

Speaking of arrival, my copy of Root and it’s expansions FINALLY turned up. I was a little worried as this was supposed to arrive before my move to Leeds but luckily my address change went through. I’m very excited to get a game of this in, but even if it takes a while, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the glorious little meeples in it.

Finally, my Modern Warfare addiction continues. And with a new skin released for my main Allegiance operator Bale, I think I have a camo scheme for my Russian SSO operators from Spectre. It’s really cool to see a new modern style Russian skin that isn’t just multicam.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!