SITREP – Bazi Royal Guard (part 2)

Part 2 of the Bazi Royal Guard I painted up on my Wednesday night twitch stream. Three more riflemen and an officer with pistol (ideal for shouting at angry civilians) to join the initial four.

Again, super easy to paint, the Militia Miniatures models having lots of contours to catch the wash in. US 3 Colour desert camo, leather boots and belts, wooden AK stocks and finished off with an Agrax wash. Once I do the last set, I’ll get a paint list up.

Next on the block? Well, the knife-wielding mad man needs some more work so he’s going on the backburner. This leaves me the squad RPG gunner and the senior leader to a paint up in the normal style. Not sure they need a whole evening though so I might finish them off on the weekend before the next stream.

However, while thinking it through, perhaps something else on my desk could be added to give me a full unit ready for some battles. The Gage Commando from Empress is ideal for a less well equipped internal security force, providing cover on the street if the main group is involved in an assault. I think it might be time to finish it off and get it looking a little less pure white.

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