SITREP – Bazi Royal Guard (Part 3)

The final two figures from the Bazi Royal Guard – The RPG gunner and Hussein bin Said al-Bazi, one of the Bazi family and a senior leader in the Bazi Royal Guard. He is important enough to have the gold on his shoulder, but not too important that he doesn’t get involved on the ground.

You may notice the RPG gunner has been modified. The RPG 7 has a quite distinctive shape to it, with the deflector cone at the back. The basic figure didn’t include it (looking a little more like an RPG-2) however, going into the bits box gave me a quick donor. It’s not perfect but I much prefer the look.

So it’s finally time – lets talk paints. Unless mentioned otherwise, all paints are Vallejo:

  • Undercoat – Black
  • Base – Tan Earth
  • Clothing – Three Colour Desert
    • Base: Iraqi Sand
    • Blobs: German Camo Beige
    • Lines – Mahogany Brown
  • Leather boots and belts – Red Leather
  • Pouches – English Uniform
  • RPG warhead, Grenades – Russian Uniform
  • Berets – GW Khorne Red
  • Weapon Wood – Cavalry Brown
  • Weapon Metal – Gunmetal Grey

Then for final effects:

  • Drybrush anything black or metallic with Basalt Grey
  • Cover in GW Agrax Earthshade

So that’s the Bazi Royal Guard done. I’m going to write up a full impression of them soon but before I do, quick explain. I am not painting up the knife wielding figure. He’s just awful. Instead, I’m going to use him as the basis for another conversion – a commander for the Gage Commando. Watch this space.

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