Wargaming Week 22/06/2020

Another week in Lockdown, time for a new update! https://hntdaab.co.uk/blog/2020/06/18/sitrep-version-2-contractor/ https://hntdaab.co.uk/blog/2020/06/20/sitrep-gage-commando-part-2/ Two more SITREPs this week, and I have another in-progress covering my Dark Eldar character. More details coming soon also for the Enforcers (who I've also slowly been working on). NEWS https://www.facebook.com/knightsofdice/posts/2001126543354586?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCKMC8AHzyh14VwjZkiG9ZtpnrHxuYrZfDaMbNeoJ2EbpOG_j5KTD_-QBnz7eie0IGF1Z5SNxfRWPbpJae6a-6vnJlXTLqADUgdlzSoKlwuN0XImpJ2PN-EeFynbl_zrtDA4bu4enZPV1g-JwhlPzQsSadyiNRr1Of89kCDzzGZvAZ13_0jRLK3rO-slBMbX92-I0DKdNvon6EYNBkQO3quNn8EYS-tAr9QtLxGh2GhHI0lwRgeO9cyfgHBDmSIqWAeuG7SSnQVfSZkqRxgr2NZtUMorb5QWr5EA3wdvpZq7AC3kxp-2axU8DBsvXcJBI_qgyjDicNBnYZkG-4Tp7RJ1ZtSBEItl5XXGl2Th_iA7atkqYBJQZ0NcM5scx0wXtvu_v5eB9DmxEbxKbuQUVSUq2L5gN0DHkeglr9VOaxXStdBUFOj940BF8gahf1yUqnIZXm4F7Gia3jBSQf1hVNwF0qzlg1U5UKIZ92RfLmO7A4i2XclKEHkyers&__tn__=H-R Lots of new releases from Knights of Dice down under - 15 … Continue reading Wargaming Week 22/06/2020

Wargaming Week 15/06/2020

Another week in lockdown, another week slowly keeping things going. https://hntdaab.co.uk/blog/2020/06/10/sitrep-bazi-sf-and-officer/ Two models for the price of one this week - finishing off another few elements of the Bazi military. These were fun to paint and I'm quite happy at how they are finished off. The whole point at the moment is slowly working through … Continue reading Wargaming Week 15/06/2020

Wargaming Week 08/06/2020

A new week beginning, lots of events going on in the world that I'll admit I've found hard to take my eyes off. I'd like to echo the start of last week's update - ┬áListen to those in need, to those who are hurting and have had enough, try to help if you can, stand … Continue reading Wargaming Week 08/06/2020

Wargaming Week 01/06/2020

June? Hard to believe honestly. Especially with the news in the world around us. I'm not going to preach from the soapbox, especially as a lot of people are using hobbies as a way of escaping the madness of the real world and I am but one blog writer on the internet, but now is … Continue reading Wargaming Week 01/06/2020