SITREP: Bazi SF and Officer

Tonight’s work on the Twitch stream was a twofer – two more figures for the Bazi Military!

The two figures in question are the Adepticon Special from Spectre and the Hammerhead free model from a few years ago. Each takes a different role in the military – the Adepticon special (technically an insurgent gunner) will be joining the Insurgent Killteam to become a Bazi SF trooper, using a bullpup PKP to lay down some heavy firepower.

The Officer will be a high ranking member of the Bazistan Military, perhaps even a member of the Royal Family. I’m not a particular fan of this model – it’s definitely an older style of sculpt, not quite as crisp as Spectre or Empress. But it will definitely have a role to play.

I quite like the backpack mounted ammo pack on the gunner. I’m also very happy that it’s a different style to the packs on the other guys using bullpup PKMs.

As you can see, the MMG gunner fits in with the rest of the Bazi SF team quite well and should bring a pretty useful chunk of firepower cover the rest of the team. Or clear some rooms.

Similarly, the commander figure also fits the Royal Guard that will be escorting him. Through the use of the same basic colours (although slightly less wash to make him look brighter and less dirty). Particularly like the slight flash of gold on him, just to make him even fancier.

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