SITREP: Version 2 Contractor

This week’s stream work, finishing off the Spectre Contractor that came with the Version 2 rulebook pre-order. This is a cool looking model, using a suppressed Glock with a modernised FAL slung across his front. I’ve got a weak spot for the Baseball Cap/Comtacs look, especially as figures using that look can often end up being used for a whole selection of forces.

Now you may notice, I clipped the optic off the top of the Glock. This is really a personal touch – I prefer my pistol optics low profile (and not needing the full bridge over the top).

Painting wise, I originally had this planned for multicam trousers, tan jacket. However, after thinking it through and deciding tan for webbing, I realised the jacket and webbing would just merge together. So instead, I changed to a darker colour top. I really like the overall effect of this, giving them a very different look from the tan figures I’ve been painting recently.

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