Wargaming Week – 29/06/2020

Hi all – this is not a proper wargaming week. Due to a few issues with the site, I ended up spending my blogging time trying to fix some legacy issues (such as missing images which seem to have evaporated). Work is on-going so you may see some odd behaviour on the site. Effectively there is going to be a long-overdue overhaul so the site might change it’s look as I investigate any possible new themes.

But more on topic, I’m setting up a tiny skirmish game to try out my own rules (once I finish writing them). Using the new Geek Villian mat and my downed C130, I think this could be a fun little skirmish between two groups of Special Forces operators.

Also, the danger of spending all day working at the same desk I paint at is that it’s covered in things to distract while I watch code build. Combining turrets is always fun so I ended up doing this. Maybe I need a second Gage Commando where I widen the turret ring to fit the Humvee turrets OR I should assemble some kind of adapter. Either way, I thought this looked cool

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