Wargaming Week 06/07/2020

Time for a new update! Not much in hobby news so today is mostly a news post.


Empress are continuing their work to bring all the HLBS vehicles in house. This week sees two interesting vehicles for the Brits – the Warthog and Viking. These AFVs are perfect for fighting in Afghanistan, as well as any kind of amphibious operation you might want to try them in.

Empress has also been working on some new ranges – the previously mentioned BAOR release has now been preivewed. They look pretty good – I can definitely see people picking them up for the Cold War/Falklands era (as Empress is planning Russian Paratrooper and Argentinean ranges). They also look a good fit to go against the figures from Under Fire Miniatures (such as their Soviets and East Germans).

Finally from Empress – the PBR boat is now in stock. So if you’re wanting some Vietnam shenanigans, this is a great place to start.

White Dragon Miniatures are one step closer to releasing their upcoming Mastiff MRAP model. As you can see, it’s now been painted up and had the bar armour mounted. I think it’s looking rather cool and I honestly can’t wait for their release.

Finally, Skirmish Sangin lives! After the death of the forum, Skirmish Sangin related talk has now moved to this group on Facebook. It’s slowly coming back into action and also includes mention of a Version 2 of Skirmish Sangin. I’m very interested in seeing how this come about – even from the teases so far it looks like a slightly slimmer/faster game without losing that detail that I particularly liked. More details coming soon.


No updates on hobby news today – work consumed most of my time last week while any free time was spent either playing Modern Warfare or (more importantly) fixing this website and giving it a good clean. About 10GB of unused files were clogging up my hosting, as well as several broken posts. However, all this should now be fixed!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

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