SITREP – Monday Construction

Another Monday in quarantine, another hobby sessions with people. As well as my opponent (still in Marine land), two other wargaming friends jumped in to work on some projects (tiny Knights and yet more Space Marines). I of course was working on something totally different... Space Marines! Wait... Yeah, I've finally finished assembling all the … Continue reading SITREP – Monday Construction

Chain of Command – Attack on Al-Papsi: Part 2

Back in the heady days of September we actually played the second mission in the campaign set in North Africa. However, before we get into the battle, I actually finally rolled up the details of my command team, using the details from the At The Sharp End PDF book. NameBackgroundAgeOriginDescriptionSenior LeaderThomas Fuchsex-Doktor of Engineering32BerlinTall and … Continue reading Chain of Command – Attack on Al-Papsi: Part 2

SITREP – Enforcers (Part 2)

Another Monday, another long-distance painting session with the Dastardly Regular Opponent. While he started work on some more armour for our chain of command games, I decided to take a break from painting Space Marines to assemble some more of my Enforcers. Remember them? Well, I have managed to start putting the basic list together … Continue reading SITREP – Enforcers (Part 2)