News: Spectre Halloween Releases

Well it’s the spookiest time of the year, and with things coming back to life, what a better time for Spectre to release it’s new figures! Following on from the previews earlier this month, we now have all four of those releases as well as a special halloween release!

This fighter is wearing basic and outdated off the shelf CBRN kit. Unlikely to give meaningful or long lasting protection from hazardous environments, what ever job he is doing, he must do it quickly.

He is armed with a stripped down MILKOR grenade launcher, intended for use in relative short distance and to cause maximum panic and destruction, the optics have been scrapped as precise aiming is not needed.

As I guessed, the Aftermath crew now has some long range 40mm support. Should be a useful addition to your CBRN team when they get up to no good.

This operator carries the Knight arms company AMG, Chambered for either 7.65mm or 6.5mm cartridge. The weapon is extremely light and compact for a large calibre weapon.

Equipped with optics, suppressor and MAUL, this weapon is a very serious threat in games of Spectre Operations.

The operator wears tactical clothing and covert body armour, as well as pouches containing grenades and other equipment.

Another guess I got right as well! The AMG is a cool looking MG, and I’ve really enjoyed using it in Call of Duty. It’s also a featured weapon in the new hypernotes from Black Powder, Red Earth, so it’s definitely a weapon keeping an eye on. The Tier 1 guys now have two different LMGs, ready for some fire and move.

This FSB operative is using the Belarusian made Groza-R quadcopter killer. Produced in large numbers for export, this is the perfect deniable anti-drone weapon. The weapon works by forcing the drone to land, or moving it at high speed into an object. Both outcomes have the same effect!

He carries a suppressed MA compact assault rifle, chambered in 5.45mm for personal protection. Under his civilian clothing, he is wearing a concealable anti-fragmentation vest, with an apron which can be stowed under his jacket.

This figure I guessed wrong! Although the range and weapons were correct, the upper half as were I got it wrong. The Groza-R weapon is something really cool, perfect to fight off the hordes of drones a modern insurgency might have got their hands on. Definitely a new aspect for the game.

This operative is carrying an MGK Bur Grenade launcher. Touted as the smallest grenade launcher in the world. It is a disposable variant of the RPO thermobaric launcher – technically described as a flame thrower, although it can also fire fragmentation warheads. Equipped with thermal sights, this weapon is a very versatile addition to any Russian force.

He carries an unsuppressed MA compact for defence. In addition to his fragmentation protection, he also carries a helmet with ballistic visor if extra protection is required.

Finally, time for the RPO thermobaric launcher. I’m really looking forward to getting this painted up – I can already see a small FSB kill team using this weapon to remove a fortified position during a raid before the main force arrives.

Finally, we have the special Halloween figure. You only have until Monday to get this one!

Rule the streets with this anarchist, criminal element leader. Style is far more important than function for this hardened fighter. Confusion of your opponents is a more effective defence than armour ever could be!

Equipped with a customised Minimi Para LMG – this model is perfect for accompanying criminal element gangs, or in a post apocalypse setting, fighting our Agent models. 

They will underestimate you. Use it to your advantage.

…Look okay, it’s Halloween, it’s time for silly figures. I’m sure lots of people will like this but it doesn’t quite fall into my interests, and I struggle to see how I’d tweak it into something more in line with my collection. And yes, I have locked the collector in me into a box and told him to shut up.

Spectre is back! These new figures add some cool capabilities to your collection, as well as containing Spectre’s focus on ultra modern and new technology. I’m looking forward to what comes up next.