News: Anthalonica Wargaming

One exciting thing about Modern Wargaming is seeing a new company coming online doing something new. Anthalonica Wargaming is one such new company, coming out soon with a release of brand new range focused around police action in the UK. They have already shown off a few sculpts and I have to say, I’m pretty interested in seeing the final product. Based off some of the Facebook posts, I think the 28mm range is (in part) done by Anton at Flytrap Factory. There are definitely some similarities to the Contiki guys done by him in the past and he does do some good work. But enough hypothesizing, let’s take a look at the models.

First up, we have a pair of Authorised Firearm Officers. These guys have full kit – fast helmets, body armour and a shitload of other kit. Weapon wise, we’re looking at SIG MCX rifles and sideams, as well as potentially a taser to deal with non-lethal situations.

You can also see a nice size comparison to the Empress US Infantry in this picture which is promising. They seem to be pretty similar proportionally.

The second pair shows some variations in the range. Another figure with an MCX, although this one is wearing a baseball cap (while being listed as a headswap figure) while the last is armed with a G36C for a bit of variation. You can see plenty of details on them which is cool, showing just how much kit they have on.

Finally, the other element of the range being shown so far is some upcoming western civilians. This is definitely a gap in the market, the rise in Special Forces/Zombies games not quite matching to the additional units needed for it. There is a nice variety to them, from the well dressed to the local street slummers. Even better, some of these figures will have armed doubles, ideal for any situation where the action has a chance to kick off on the roll of a dice.

We’ve also got these two previews of the masters for the four armed officers. As you can see, they are looking pretty good, with a lot of the detail maintained. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them in the flesh (well metal) and how well they paint up.

Overall, this is an interesting looking range, and it will definitely be on my to buy list when they come out. Not especially because I plan on doing some police action, but I think most of these guys would still work really well in other roles in modern wargaming – perhaps as non-government private military groups or something similar. I’ll be keeping an eye on them, and will probably pick some up when they are released.