SITREP – Zorros Coliveri, Swordmaster

A member of the same order as O’Dicca and Jochman, Zorros Coliveri, son of Volpe Coliveri, has been described by many others as “a bounder, a cad and a villain of the highest order.” He is also, however, a very successful agent of the Midgardian Empire, an expert in hiring the scum of the underworld to work for him and his interests. He is also an expert swordsman himself, accompany swift blows and parries with a constant stream of mockery.

Well, I noticed that North Star Figures was running out of the Rangers of the Shadow Deep rulebooks and realised I should get my hand on it while the nice ones were there. However, I also noticed some of their ranger packs to go with that game. There are some really nice figures, and as I’m slowly building up a fantasy collection to allow for some fun skirmishing (maybe with Warcry), they seemed a perfect fit. I really like how they aren’t all cast-offs from the Aragorn casting line… such as this fine gentleman!

Despite being a relatively simple scheme, he was great fun to paint. Looking at O’Dicca from my last set of fantasy figures, I decided to flip the colours on Zorros. Red became the main colour, while the pale cloth is secondary. I really like the effect – as you can see in the bottom picture, they look great against each other, while still working if they were on the same side.

The only problem with the model was one I didn’t spot until I after I had finished painting it – there is a horrible mould line down the sword arm and up onto the hat. There was also a fair mount of flash that needed cleaning up under the arm as well. I ended up taking the photos to obscure it, but I might have to go back and repaint that arm. Or just carefully pose the camera to hide it.

Overall, I really like this guy. Looking forward to getting him on the table for some fantasy skirmish. I think my fantasy collection will end up being the pallete cleanser, the figures I come to for a break from the larger projects. Lots of simple schemes helped out by Agrx but onto some really fun models.