SITREP – Misc Hobby

One thing I noticed while doing these models is that I really need to up my bases game. The mud look is… not great. It does the job but it’s missing all sense of greenery. So after talking with my wargaming group about their recommendations, I’ve ended up grabbing these base ready bags from Geek Gaming Scenics. The unmarked one (scrublands) will be mixed with the mud layer for my fantasy guys. Arid Grasslands is going on my Moderns while the ground cover will be mixed with the mud for my WW2, ideal for going through the Reichswald. Expect some more details when I get to playing around with them!

The rest of my hobby sessions this week have been finishing off my Dark Elf Corsairs and getting them built (as part of my aim to clean out the unassembled models sitting in boxes on my shelves). They are definitely late-era Warhammer models (designed to rank up and so similar in posing) but they do have plenty of interesting elements that are fun to build. Combined with the Fleetmaster figure, they should be a fun project to paint and a good set of rivals to fight.

And then there is also…

Some trees – I’ll write more on these when I work out how on Earth I’m going to paint them.

SITREP – Siccarian Senator

The nation of Siccarian is a proud member of the Midgardian Empire, trading it’s highly trained Legionnaires (experienced from border skirmishes and rough discipline) to maintain a certain amount of independence. Led by a Triumvirate elected from among the Senate, Siccarian is a land filled with political intrigue and decadence, that could almost rival the central regions of the Empire in it’s glory.

Yep, it’s a Roman figure from the Footsore Streets of Rome range. A fun little object to paint – A freebie from a wargames show (back in the days we had those). I decided to go with a super quick and easy paint scheme – white robes and sandals to give a look that will stand out among the more dirty fantasy figures. Ideal for a VIP character – perhaps a Siccarian travelling through the Empire and being ambushed on the road?

Despite using a black undercoat, I’m actually pretty happy with the white I managed to get. This was done with a layer of Vallejo Medium Grey, followed up by Vallejo White. A layer of Nuln Oil over the top and then a dry brush of White to keep the colour. I go pretty hard on the wash (as I have done with all my models) but at this point, it’s turned into a trait of my painting.