SITREP – Siccarian Senator

The nation of Siccarian is a proud member of the Midgardian Empire, trading it’s highly trained Legionnaires (experienced from border skirmishes and rough discipline) to maintain a certain amount of independence. Led by a Triumvirate elected from among the Senate, Siccarian is a land filled with political intrigue and decadence, that could almost rival the central regions of the Empire in it’s glory.

Yep, it’s a Roman figure from the Footsore Streets of Rome range. A fun little object to paint – A freebie from a wargames show (back in the days we had those). I decided to go with a super quick and easy paint scheme – white robes and sandals to give a look that will stand out among the more dirty fantasy figures. Ideal for a VIP character – perhaps a Siccarian travelling through the Empire and being ambushed on the road?

Despite using a black undercoat, I’m actually pretty happy with the white I managed to get. This was done with a layer of Vallejo Medium Grey, followed up by Vallejo White. A layer of Nuln Oil over the top and then a dry brush of White to keep the colour. I go pretty hard on the wash (as I have done with all my models) but at this point, it’s turned into a trait of my painting.