SITREP – Cultists and Bases

Cultists of all kinds are a common foe in the various nations of the Midgardian Empire. Although no match for the regular forces, they can provide troublesome to scattered adventurers or remote pre-industrial villages.

Three more of Northstar’s impressive figures from the Rangers of the Shadow Deep range. I really like their design, with the face masks, robes and bare feet to give them an unusual edge. The champion and archers are a neat addition to the existing pair, perfect for turning the pair into more of a force.

The paint scheme is also simplistic – black robes with gold masks. I decided to go for more gold on the Champion, showing off his importance, while the archers got dark wood bows with bone pieces embedded in them. and leather quivers. Flesh wise, I continued to use my new technique, combining medium fleshtone with contrast and then a drybrush over the top.

The other element to my Monday night hobby session was getting my fantasy figures onto their new basing material. I’ve used flock and sand in the past, so the experience wasn’t brand new. What was interesting was the way these scenic bags combine flock, gravel, sand, small stones and bits of green shrubbery. I’m still not 100% on it (the shrubbery seems to clump together mostly) but I’m slowly working at it. However, it’s amazing what a covered base can do for the model.

I also took this opportunity to get these models touched up and varnished. Safe to say, they are now in a “finished” state (or as much as they possibly can be). The only thing I might tweak is the face on my purple-dressed wizard – it’s a little less detailed than I’d like so I need to go back and do the detailing using paint as opposed my usual method of relying on the sculpt. Time to learn the highlighting methods!

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