SITREP – Project Enforcers Complete

They are... complete. The forces of 'McNespy, Daughter and Sons' for the upcoming campaign into the Mercy Longshore Docks have been gathered. With Elizabeth McNespy and her cyber mastiff at the head, this team of 10 Enforcers, 6 Subjugators and one lho-stick addicted Eldar in her power suit as their untrustworthy ally (aka the bounty … Continue reading SITREP – Project Enforcers Complete

SITREP – Enforcers – Subjugators Complete

The Subjugators are complete! The last two of the lads in heavy armour, the pair of stock baton and shield to provide backup for the Subjugator Sgt. I really enjoyed getting these two to look similar to their boss, colouring the shield decorations and berets to all match up. Also, with the project coming to … Continue reading SITREP – Enforcers – Subjugators Complete

News: Games Workshop – “The Dead and the Divine”

Look. It's very hard to get away from Games Workshop as a hobbyist. For all of their flaws (and by god there are many of them), they have continued to make some of the best-designed models in the industry as well as useful hobby items (if you find them for the right price). It's also … Continue reading News: Games Workshop – “The Dead and the Divine”

SITREP – Enforcers – Batch 2 and Subjugators

Last week I managed to finish off my last batch of Palatine Enforcers and begin the process of working on my more heavily armoured Subjugators. While my other sets of Enforcers were more standards, these guys are definitely much more of the Special guys. A marksman, two leader characters and then my gunslinger/massive mistake. Painting … Continue reading SITREP – Enforcers – Batch 2 and Subjugators

News: Spectre – Updated Delta Previews By the looks of it, between this and yesterday's news, we have some new figures inbound. Further details tomorrow at 10am, so get those wallets ready. Today's preview at shows off two new figures that were not in the group shot yesterday. These look more like support choices - one holds a pocket UAV … Continue reading News: Spectre – Updated Delta Previews