SITREP – Project Enforcers Complete

They are… complete.

The forces of ‘McNespy, Daughter and Sons’ for the upcoming campaign into the Mercy Longshore Docks have been gathered. With Elizabeth McNespy and her cyber mastiff at the head, this team of 10 Enforcers, 6 Subjugators and one lho-stick addicted Eldar in her power suit as their untrustworthy ally (aka the bounty hunter).

Having now reached the end of this project, I’ve got to say I’m really happy with the final result. This is the first project I’ve actually finished on this blog since the C130 board back in 2018 and there is that real sense of satisfaction from it. I’m very excited to actually play some games with it soon.

As for the boss lady herself, I decided to roll hard with the Sarah Connor look the sunglasses PMC head evokes. The white hair and black leather trenchcoat definitely helps her to standout from the rest of models in the force, while still being tired to them by the green armour, tan clothing and brown boots.

For the dog, I decided to match her colours as well, going for white armoured plates over the lead belcher painted body. The blue eyes and yellow safety handle help to finish him off.

The black leather coat was actually painted up using Burnt Umber as the base but then painting the black contrast paint over the top. I think this helped to give it a warm colour at the base, making it look a little more like leather. I then finished it off with a highlight of white along the edges, making it pop a little more.

SITREP – Enforcers – Subjugators Complete

The Subjugators are complete! The last two of the lads in heavy armour, the pair of stock baton and shield to provide backup for the Subjugator Sgt. I really enjoyed getting these two to look similar to their boss, colouring the shield decorations and berets to all match up. Also, with the project coming to a close, I am finally at the stage where I can actually work through this paint scheme at a relatively good speed – just in time to finish painting them.

And this is how my Subjugators stand. I really like how they look as a group and they are incredibly chunky they are. The touch of colour from the beret and shield symbols stop them feeling too one-note, as well as decorative enough to fit the 40k setting a little more. The main thing is that they are visual obvious as Subjugators but you’re unlikely to find a group that looks similar if I turned up at a Necromunda weekend.

I’m also really liking the look of the Enforcers for non-GW game. With the arrival of Stargrave later this year, I think I’m going to have a pretty good starting set for a heavily armoured crew or the pirates they will need to deal with.

Well, we’re into the final two figures for Project Enforcer – The Captain and her Cyber Pooch ally. I actually have some other Necromunda themed figures that would suit the group, so I’m still debating if I should get them painted up now, or take a little break. But we’ll see!

News: Games Workshop – “The Dead and the Divine”


It’s very hard to get away from Games Workshop as a hobbyist. For all of their flaws (and by god there are many of them), they have continued to make some of the best-designed models in the industry as well as useful hobby items (if you find them for the right price). It’s also definitely the main entry point for most wargamers, with the shops on the high street providing a one-stop point of corruption for many.

This weekend saw the latest of their major previews and the first for 2021. Taking place on Twitch and the Warhammer Community websites, these replace similar preview events at conventions such as Adepticon or Warhammer Grand Tournaments that haven’t been taking place due to the current situation. These previews usually cover a wide range of products that will come out over the next six months and oh man, did we get some cool stuff.

First up, Sisters of Battle… sorry Adepta Sororitas are getting themselves a war suit. Similar to the Dreadknight the Grey Knights got (which look incredibly dumb), these warsuits will provide an alternative to Penitent Engines that are a bit more Cool Battlesuit and a bit less “horrifying punishment machine”. Its definitely not for everyone but I think the idea is really cool – the sisters are portrayed as Knights in a way, so seeing them armour up to take the fight to the monsters is suitably gothic.

The model however, I’d personally have added some more intricate detail on the armour panels – it looks very much like the Primaris releases, with large panels with no detail. They mentioned this in the preview as a way to allow people to add their down free-hand painted artwork (as Sisters fans often do) but for the less skilled amongst us, having the extra texture helps.

On the other hand, I have had several people plan on removing the armoured plate, swapping the Sister out for a guardsman, mounting a lascannon on them and using them as a Sentinal alternative. I think this sounds great but frankly, it just needs a big knife to finish the touch.

Now, this bit is one of Games Workshop’s little sneaky tricks. Last year, they showed off the Heavy Intercessors back in September as part of the preview for the 9th Edition Space Marine codex. As someone who likes heavily armoured chaps with guns (and especially guns held like a chain saw), I’ve been looking forward to adding them to my Deathwatch collection. Except, despite being included in that preview, the kit is yet to appear. Despite the statlines being in the Space Marine codex, no sign of their release. Fast forward to Saturday and what should be part of this kit? The Heavy Intercessors (and their Captain) have arrived!

The good news is that this box is pretty exciting – Heavy Intercessors and Flayed Ones, cool characters, new Necron terrain and a complete set of stuff for getting into Killteam (including rules for figures from last year’s 9th Edition starter set). The guys at Goonhammer have made some comments on how unsuitable it is for getting into the game (based on points of the two forces included) but I’m more interested in knowing how many people will be buying this box purely to strip it for parts and sell off on eBay. I’m sure GW likes getting the number of sales that this tactic works, but I would love to know

No release date yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye open for the armoured boys on eBay when this box is released.

There is a new titan coming for Titanicus! This isn’t really on my radar as a game but based on the reaction of the Titan fans in the chat, people are quite hype to add a new Titan.

Age of Sigmar continues to release models that makes me sit there going “how the hell did you design this?”. I’m not the biggest fan of the Lumineth Realm-Lords line of figures but I can definitely appreciate the work and technical care used to make them come to life. They are also making models that fit their fantastical world, rather than simply rehashing Warhammer Fantasy design in new armour. Some of the shadows in the video below are very interesting, including what looks like some new Elven Swordmasters.

Despite being someone who just picked up some Witch Elves from GW, I’m not that fussed about the new battletome that the Daughters of Khaine are getting. However, I do very much like the Endless Spells. While designed in the game to be the effect of a mage at work, I think that giant blood snake is a really good looking model. I might end up picking this stuff up as my legion of villains for fantasy skirmish expands.

And speaking of fantasy villians, god damn am I picking up these figures. Warhammer Underworlds as a game is yet to get it’s snares into me but I think it continues to be one of Games Workshop’s best ranges. By only needing a very small number of figures per group, they can go all out making some cool and dynamic ranges. These vampires do a fantastic job of both harking back to the day of Warhammer Fantasy, while also feeling like the Age of Sigmar times. I also like how each vampire feels like a unique hero but all the group fit together thanks to a few similar features. Sadly, I think this set has already booked out some space on my shelf (and in my figure database).

Speaking of ranges that let Games Workshop show off (and has found a slot in my wallet), the secret reveal in the preview was the announcement of a brand new Warhammer Quest game, Cursed City. Warhammer Quest is a board game with a pile of miniatures, letting players (between 1 and 4) take their heroes on missions against the insidious enemy (be that the game or the person controlling the villains). There have already been three other Warhammer Quest games (two in the Age of Sigmar setting and one in 40k) and each brought with it a set of exciting and unique hero miniatures (apart from Shadow over Hammerhal that bundled existing models together), often that stepped away from the existing release to bring you other elements of the setting.

And oh boy, the first hero shown off is definitely new, yet also familar. This is a Vampire Hunter and the “pop-off” in the voice chat I was in when he was shown was immense. I really like this the design of him – sure it’s over the top, but he has that real Van Helsing look to him, covered in his tools of the trade including the long rifle with underslung stake launcher.

Key Art

We also have some guesses from looking at the Social Media artwork at the top. The website lists 8 heroes and the previews have shown us 6 so far:

  • Jelsen Darrock – the Witch Hunter (previewed model + appears in the title art and the key art above)
  • A human captain in plate armour with sword and wolf pelt over their shoulder (appears in the title art)
  • One of the Dwarfs of AoS armed with a giant harpoon (appears in the title art and the key art)
  • Some form of mage/priest (as shown on the left in the title image)
  • What appears to be some kind of Elf with Antlers (centre frame in the key art)
  • A bulky Ogre looking brute with a carved face on his shoulder (right side of the key art)

Of course, heroes need villains. The setting of Cursed City is a location in the Realm of Death so we’re going to be fighting a lot of undead – including this rather fantastic looking model. He is one of five Overlords the heroes will need to fight, as well as presumably a pile of horde figures you’ll need to fight past before they overwhelm you. Gorslav is perfectly gribbly, looking like something out of Pan’s Labyrinth. I’m looking forward to seeing who else we’ll be going up against.

With just these first two figures, and as well as the trailer that announced it, Games Workshop is going for very Gothic Horror feel to the game. It is also VERY heavily reminiscent of the game Darkest Dungeon, with the stark colours and ominous tone. Perhaps our heroes might have more to contend with in the Cured City than simply survival of body?

Also yes, I am already signing myself up for this. These figures would probably match up with more grounded fantasy and would be ideal for setting up some Frostgrave gangs.

Overall, a pretty good preview. A nice mix of models and ranges, giving most players something interesting to look at. Even if you weren’t excited for anything in particular, there is still some really nicely designed kits coming and a new Warhammer Quest is definitely a high point among them.

And then on Sunday, GW announced next week’s pre-orders. As well as Dark Angels and the required Primaris releases, the new warband for Underworlds is coming. I have a soft spot for the Chaos Warriors in their plate armour and frankly, it’s a good set if you just want a few heavily armoured figures to pick up.

SITREP – Enforcers – Subjugators Batch 2

Two more Subjugators finished! These two are the first with shields, finally adding some armoured fists to the group. On the left, we have the Sgt for this group – I think he looks incredible 40, from the skull on his shield to the club to the pose and red flowing cape. The right figure is ready to clear some rooms with revolver and pistol.

Originally I wasn’t sure how to paint the shields – do I go bright with colour or go grime? I decided to go grime, painting them in Leadbelcher. I then painted on a layer of black contrast before wiping the top layer away to leave it settled in the lower areas of the shield. To prevent them being a simplistic metal colour, the blue visor at the top and the bone/colour/gold detail on the front helping to make them pop.

The end of project is almost in sight!

SITREP – Enforcers – Batch 2 and Subjugators

Last week I managed to finish off my last batch of Palatine Enforcers and begin the process of working on my more heavily armoured Subjugators.

While my other sets of Enforcers were more standards, these guys are definitely much more of the Special guys. A marksman, two leader characters and then my gunslinger/massive mistake.

Painting wise these were mostly the same as my other Enforcers with a few tweaks. The Marksman was drybrush and painted a slight shade of grey, her armour covered in dust to help her hide among the rubble. Meanwhile, the gunslinger and commander also had a touch of gold added to their paint scheme, making them look special among the other troops. In contrast, the Concussion carbine user has a bit of Typhus Corrosion on his guns, giving them a slightly more worn look.

Having spent a chunk of assembling these guys, I’m quite happy with how the paint job worked on these “special” characters. They match the basic colours, while still looking unique with a few colour touches.

This is how the gang currently looks with the regular enforcers. They have a nice uniform feel with the green and tan which is appropriate for a merc group, but each character then has enough extra elements to make them stand out at a distance. I’m also still a fan of how my bounty hunter matches the green rule but still is distinct, mostly by towering over the other characters.

Now, lets take a look at the BIG boys. Subjugators are the guys in super heavy armour that covers most of them, giving them the real riot control guys. For the first two figures, I decided to paint the ones not carrying shields, giving me a chance to actually paint all their armour.

The other tweak these guys have is the cloth handing off the armour. It does help to make these guys look a little more 40k, especially with the purity seals and winged skulls on them. I did scribble on some writing using a detail brush and black contrast paint and I’m really happy how it looks with the guy on the left.

One thing I’ve been trying with these guys is edge highlighting, something I haven’t really done with my moderns before. The Subjugators require a lot more of it (as there are more edges to detail) and by god, it makes me not want to make an army of Space Marines if all those panels need detailing. It does, however, look really good – I’m tempted to go back and add the highlighting to my vehicles, just to make them pop a little more.

Next week’s hobby time will be finishing off the last four Subjugators before moving onto the special character and her doggo. I keep thinking of stepping away to do some individual figures as a break (such as the Spectre Tier 1 MG gunner) but honestly, I’m so close I think I’ll just push on and get the project done. I can have some time between this and WW2 time to try painting different things.

News: Sarissa Precision Compound Releases

Way back in March of 2020 (you know, back when I made Wargaming Weekly and we could meet people for wargames shows) I mentioned that Sarissa Precision was releasing a version of the Alamo (snore)… and then they showed us this.

And I suddenly realised just how useful a board full of small corridors and huts just waiting to be fought through, especially in small scale skirmish games. I haven’t yet managed to paint mine (although it is now assembled) but honestly, the main thing I thought while assembling is that “man this is great for the Alamo but I need more bits to make a proper compound setup”.

Well in good news, Sarissa is now releasing the Alamo and (even better) it has produced several packs designed for Modern Wargamers. There are currently three packs available. However, before we take a look at them, there is one thing to mention. All these buildings rely on Sarissa’s terrain tile system – the buildings actually clip directly into them. I was pleasantly surprised to find the tiles fit together rather well, snug enough to hold together without being impossible to remove and tidy away. However, the tiles do make it harder to assemble on boards that don’t use them… or have things such as “elevation changes”. Just a warning, your mileage may vary.

Skirmish Compound Alpha gives you two l-shaped buildings that can be fit together in several ways. These buildings are the core of the full Alamo kit and make for some really cool setup. For example, take a look at the image above – that dog leg between the buildings just screams for an ambush or a squirter making a break for it from an assault elsewhere.

Skirmish Compound Bravo comes with two buildings and a wall section, with an example layout above. The wall is taller than most characters and, I noticed, is not one of the destructible walls included in the main set. I can definitely see it being useful when assembling a compound by offering a larger area to play around in.

Finally, if you want both packs together, Skirmish Compound Charlie packs both in giving you the ability to set up a nice dense urban area to fight through. In fact, with a few of these, you could really make a great 4′ x 4′ urban maze, filled with chokepoints, ambush sites, small buildings to hide bad guys in and everything else required to make your players take one look at the board and curse the lines in the scenario saying “Rules of Engagement” and “No Fire Support Available”.

As well as the Modern themed sets, you can also pick up the rest of the Alamo sets if you want to be more historical. There are three options – the two compound packs I picked up (giving you most of the important buildings) or go the fully monty and also get the various gun positions and defences needed to build the actual fort (for the low cost of £235).

I’m already looking at the skirmish compounds as a way of extending my existing set, getting it ready to make an impressive CQB maze. The kits are the usual high Sarissa standards, well worth the asking price. I would definitely recommend giving them a look.

News: Spectre – Delta Release Overview

The D-Boys are here! As mentioned yesterday the Delta models from Spectre were released at 10pm yesterday. Spectre is putting a two week lead time on sending out these orders based on some comments on the Spectre Operations group but even so it’s still worth going over just what’s included in the range.

The first point to make is something I think a few people have missed – all the descriptions for the Delta range explicitly mention  “This is a multipart model and required some assembly”. Now, at first you might this is generic copy inserted by the Spectre website – however, I’ve been chatting to Stephen from Spectre and he smuggled out a secret preview for me (that I’ve been cleared to share).

Yep, we’re about to see the return of two part figures. Ironically, the last time I saw figures like this was way back in 2014 with the original Delta figures. Since then, most Spectre figures have been one piece, even as the sculpting has pushed the borderline of what is possible. However, the decision to go back to multipart figures has come (as Stephen said in our messages) from issues with guns breaking or bending in transit. This (as well as the stock issues) has been one of my biggest annoyances with Spectre so it’s good to see this being mitigated through the design work.

Also interesting to note this figure is from Spectre’s new casting partner. Cleanup was (apparently) minimal to none so hopefully we can go back to figures rolling off the production line with less need to spend time clipping waste pieces off them.

But okay, enough setup lets look at the range. To steal from the marketing copy:

The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment–Delta (1st SFOD-D), more commonly known as Delta, The Unit or CAG (Combat Applications Group) are arguably the most elite, secretive unit in the world. With almost unlimited funding and access to extremely advanced technology, these models really epitomise what Spectre Miniatures are all about – SOF on the bleeding edge of modern warfare.

With guidance from advisors and after extensive research, we have very carefully decided how to represent this miniature.

These operators wear Arcteryx clothing and a mix of covert plate carriers, with light weight chest rigs and belt kit which carries extra magazines, chemlights, flash grenades and scalable frag grenades.
A mixture of Opscore and Crye Airframe helmets are also worn.

A key element of these miniatures is the integration of the Future Warrior program. Their Sig MCX Virtus SBRs are chambered for 300 Blackout and equipped with Wilcox BOSS XE optics. This next generation ‘smart’ optic monitors the performance of the weapon, counts shots and shares the information with other users in real time. Each operator also wears ‘Smart’ devices that monitor heart rate, blood oxygen and other vital statistics, which again can be viewed in real time with the unit commander and other operators. This information can also be viewed when the operator uses Enhanced night vision goggles, available as Smart Goggles from Spectre Miniatures. These enable complete integration with the other smart devices, as well as IR/Thermal hybrid and Augmented reality features.
Modified Glocks, with suppressor, red dot and light are worn as sidearms.

Key members of the unit also carry the revolutionary Slingshot communications system. To further enhance situational awareness for each operator, a smart phone is carried in a Juggernaut hard case on the chest and advanced in ear, low profile ear pieces are worn.

Spectre Marketing, Delta Assault Squad

The weapons may change based on the figure but the basic details are the same. These guys are some high end special forces tech, playing with all the latest toys. The use of Smart optics and AR is definitely bordering on the edge of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter territory – remember when we thought Quad Eye NVGs from the SEALs was the cutting edge?

Weapon wise, we’re definitely beyond the realm of M4s and 5.56 – the assault rifles are SIG MCX variants (be they normal or the cut down Rattler) and all in .300 Blackout, a round that can be loaded subsonically and still hit with the energy of a 7.62mm AK round while keeping the STANAG mag’s capacity.

The first element of the release is a six person squad pack, giving you six shooters armed with the SIG MCX in variety of poses. This is going to be the core of your squad and it’s cool to see the variety – some in battle dress tops (even if it’s the fancy ones) while others wear softshells.

The first of the support options we’ll look at is perhaps my favourite – I have a soft spot for figures who have switched to their secondary (be it for desperation or sensible purposes). This Scout is definitely designed to be your pointman – he’s rolling a short and suppressed MCX Ratler but to be REALLY quiet he has a Glock out as his primary. It’s definitely a rather gucci one – mounting a weapon light, suppressor and (sighs) a red dot mounted on a bridge over the slide. He’s also got an AR eyepiece over his glasses, ideal for a scout to keep an eye on his teammates.

Of course my other soft spot? Breachers. Shocking I know, the man who goes airsofting covered in armour with a slung breaching shotgun likes breaching. The D-Boys get a really nice combination of gear for their Breacher – a SIG MCX Ratler as his primary and the suppressed SIX 12 ready for breaching work. The SIX 12 is an interesting gun, using removable revolver cylinders in a bullpup format to create a relatively compact shotgun that can be relatively easily swapped from separate weapon to underslung format thanks to it’s modular design.

Of course, you can’t entirely focus on close range fighting and so you’ll need some longer range support. The Marksman is rolling a full-length (and very nicely detailed) MCX Patrol with the magnified optic and MAWL laser/light box. Much like some of the other specialists, he has an AR eyepiece in place as well. I do like this guy’s pose, and I’m sure he’ll look great providing suppression while in cover.

Of course, if you prefer your suppression a little more in volume rather than precision, than the MG is the go to. Much like with the Tier 1 MG Bravo from last year, this guy is armed with the Knight Armament AMG, a medium machine gun with some rather good shooting characteristics. It also has a suppressor, laser/light unit and a holographic/magnifier combo, ideal for getting all those extra To Hit effects.

Of course, it’s not the future until you have your drones up and what better. Another Rattler user, he also is in the process of deploying a quadcopter drone ready to scan up ahead. If you bought the drone pack from a while back, you actually have the perfect model to go with this guy after deployment is done.

Finally, we have the big dog – the Commander. I really like this guy, Rattler held at a high rest while checking his smart device (which, as a neat detail, is not modelled on his vest because it’s in his hand). I think this figure might actually end up being used away from the rest of the squad as the perfect advisor model, combined with local forces or militias to provide them with training advice, and connection to the big guns.

As you can see, Spectre is kicking it’s way into the new year with a rather cool range. There are lots of cool bits of kit that will be fun on the tabletop and I’m really excited to see just people do with these models in terms of paint schemes and getting them on the table. Mine have been ordered and we’ll see them once they arrive!

News: Spectre – Updated Delta Previews

By the looks of it, between this and yesterday’s news, we have some new figures inbound. Further details tomorrow at 10am, so get those wallets ready.

Today’s preview at shows off two new figures that were not in the group shot yesterday. These look more like support choices – one holds a pocket UAV in their hand, the other seems to be checking something in their outstretched hand. I do like how the UAV operator has the chest-mounted phone holder that everyone seems to love. Interested in seeing what other support options we’ll be getting in this pack of releases – luckily we don’t have long to wait.

And of course, I jumped the gun doing a preview so early – since just after the post went live, we have more details and more photos.

Our highly anticipated new Delta range are hitting the store at 10am GMT Saturday 23rd January ’21. As with all of our figures these have been designed to represent the bleeding edge of modern warfare. The new Delta range comprises of 6 individual support figures and a 6 man squad, to allow for game flexibility. 

Spectre email – 22/01/2021

So as you can see, we are getting a full range out of these guys – 6 standard rifleman in a single squad pack and then 6 support figures separately. We’ve already seen two of these support options painted up (the two in the Instagram post at the top of the page) and another in the 3d preview (armed with the handgun and with some gear on his back) so there are three unaccounted for. Maybe some more specialist weapons (such as LMGs or marksman weapons). We’ll see the full line up tomorrow.

There are a few comments about the size difference between some of these guys. I’d say that the guy in blue is a little larger but not outside the realms of possibilities. There is some variation within the team itself, giving you a mix of guys. I think it will also look pretty good next to the partner forces, making the corn-fed American quarterbacks stand out among the locals. We’ll have to see when they come out (which we’ll see tomorrow).