News: Spectre – Updated Delta Previews

By the looks of it, between this and yesterday’s news, we have some new figures inbound. Further details tomorrow at 10am, so get those wallets ready.

Today’s preview at shows off two new figures that were not in the group shot yesterday. These look more like support choices – one holds a pocket UAV in their hand, the other seems to be checking something in their outstretched hand. I do like how the UAV operator has the chest-mounted phone holder that everyone seems to love. Interested in seeing what other support options we’ll be getting in this pack of releases – luckily we don’t have long to wait.

And of course, I jumped the gun doing a preview so early – since just after the post went live, we have more details and more photos.

Our highly anticipated new Delta range are hitting the store at 10am GMT Saturday 23rd January ’21. As with all of our figures these have been designed to represent the bleeding edge of modern warfare. The new Delta range comprises of 6 individual support figures and a 6 man squad, to allow for game flexibility. 

Spectre email – 22/01/2021

So as you can see, we are getting a full range out of these guys – 6 standard rifleman in a single squad pack and then 6 support figures separately. We’ve already seen two of these support options painted up (the two in the Instagram post at the top of the page) and another in the 3d preview (armed with the handgun and with some gear on his back) so there are three unaccounted for. Maybe some more specialist weapons (such as LMGs or marksman weapons). We’ll see the full line up tomorrow.

There are a few comments about the size difference between some of these guys. I’d say that the guy in blue is a little larger but not outside the realms of possibilities. There is some variation within the team itself, giving you a mix of guys. I think it will also look pretty good next to the partner forces, making the corn-fed American quarterbacks stand out among the locals. We’ll have to see when they come out (which we’ll see tomorrow).