SITREP – Various Stages of Paint (and short blogs)

I realised the other day as I watched various youtubers return to email list to make sure you see their stuff, as handy as social media is, it’s also not where a big chunk of the people interested in hobby live. And honestly, I’d rather not lose all my stuff to the whims of some algorithm. For this reason, I’m returning to the old magic (RSS and Email), posting my daily content on the blog for everyone to enjoy.

The focus of my hobby time today was mostly getting the new additions to my Republic of Shyluz Infantry done. The two NCOs (Scout Leader with G36 and Regular Infantry with MP7) and Radio operator will feature in the squad taking part in Saturday’s game.

I also wrote Saturday’s scenario…. Mostly

Lunch time was a chance to break out the spray cans. The pair of Bushmasters have been undercoated in Humbrol Olive Drab. Seeing as they are PMC vehicles, I’m going with a green scheme (with a few black panel) hit with a dusting of tan as they have been hurriedly moved into a desert theatre.

Other things on the to be sprayed pile are a firing line of handgunners from Highland Miniatures, some Lion Guard from Last Sword and two misc heroes from Last Sword as well.