SITREP – Mission Prep

Today’s work – all focused on getting ready for tomorrow’s game! I’ve printed off the Skirmish Sangin V2 rules (and the play aids), rolled up the soldiers, finished off the scenario and updated the wiki page! The original plan was to do Local Forces vs our old friend in Commando Global Solutions but alas they were AWOL in The Dastardly Opponent’s collection and so will reappear later. Instead I’m rolling out the Insurgent PMC as a team from a new organisation The International Janissaries. This also means that every figure on the board is afflicted with “new model syndrome”.

I also had to finish off one of the teams. Using the latest Combat Octopus release, I added two NCOs (one for the Scout team, one to lead the squad) as well a radioman. I continue to be impressed by the parts, and will definitely be writing more about them. Assuming they do well tomorrow. Also yes, I will be giving them basing material as well.

I also realised I needed some Claymore markers for the ambush being sprung (especially as this scenario is suspiciously close to a certain level in Call of Duty 4). So I 3d printed a claymore mine model, painted it green with white letters on the front, propped it onto a rock and then added more basing material. It’s not perfect but it’s a pretty fun marker. Rulewise we’ll probably use it as a remote frag grenade (as the rules aren’t in for proper claymores yet) but will testing the demolition skill to see if the thing actually goes off.