SITREP – Vehicle Day

First up – site stuff. I’ve been having some issues with the site and various pages not loading. Thanks to everyone dropping me messages, clearing out some old images and fixing up the site seemed to overload it a touch. Going to spend some time fixing some stuff at the weekend, turns out running a website for over 7 years with no real tech overhaul leaves a lot of junk lying around.

Hobby wise, I finished painting the pair of Bushmaster I printed off. I’ll be doing a proper photo set on them later but they were painted up as a pair of PMC vehicles, the olive drab frantically sprayed over with some desert tan when the vehicles were flown out there. I went for tinted windows rather than the usual blue glass, and once again Black Contrast playing a vital role.

The vehicle printed last night was a French VBL light vehicle. This is the test model, just to see how well they printed. As with all models from Guaro3d, the quality is fantastic – spending the money is well worth it. I still need to tweak it’s positioning on the build plate to reduce damage to the lower portions, as well as looking at some smaller supports (seeing as the vehicle is much smaller than the Bushmaster).

Once again I must stress. These things are Tiny and Adorable. I’m actually working on tweaking the turret ring and doing a mashup with some of the guns from Spectre – these would be great as patrol vehicles for the Emirate of Bazistan with two ring mounts and a PKM on each.

With these vehicles, I also have a Hawkei I’ll print at some point but I’m looking at others going ahead. When doing skirmish games (as opposed to platoon actions) small vehicles are more likely to be fun in the game, rather than overpowering. I’m eyeing up the Scorpion and Scimitar next – light tanks that would probably be very popular in the Bazistan peninsula.

SITREP – Battle Report and Bushmaster

I finished off the week’s Battle Report! It was really fun game to play and even better to go back to and play through. Still need to get back into the flow of it to speed up (and not be distracted by watching wrestling with friends) but happy to get the blog flowing.

Go give it a read at

Once I finished writing, I got to painting. The Bushmasters have been sat waiting to be painted. I started off with the black paint, needed for tires and more. I’ve really got into using Contrast Black Templar over coloured sprays, giving you a black with different depths without needing to drybrush.

Tomorrow, I’ll add the details. It won’t be a huge amount – adding some tans to the windows before going over the top with the glass colour before the final touch of drybrushing dust on. Can’t wait to see how it ends up.

And before I sleep, I put something on the 3D printer – lets see how it works out tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed it might be another light patrol vehicle for some more modern troops I did a late pledge for earlier this month…