SITREP – Operators and Experiments

First up, some more tweaks/fixes to the website. Most of my hobby time (which was limited) was spent fixing all the images and reuploading some missing files. Everything should now be working and I’m feeling a little more stable on the site (while not duplicating every image).

After work and FTP messing around, I only had a little time for painting. I brought the final Turnbase High Intensity operator up to the same standard as the rest of team, as well as neatening up elements, painting things tan (not a real operator if it isn’t tan) and progressing slightly on.

I also spat out another 3d printing tweak – trying out the VBL RECO (complete with .50cal turret). Seeing as the vehicle is small, I’m able to fit them on the plate at a very slight angle, reducing the supports needed. I’m also trying it with less heavy supports. All in all, this basically reduces costs by about £0.50 and should mean less clean up required at the end.