SITREP – Tiny Flags and Tiny Vehicles

I finished off the first set of Turnbase Hight Intensity Operators. I’m going for more of a mix with these guys, trying to use the wide selection of heads to make them fit as a larger PMC faction. Fun to paint, nice details. Really happy with the guy at the front’s head – the ginger beard + scottish flag. Of course, it was ruined slightly when I remembered Scotland doesn’t exist in ChargeReal. Ah well, I’m sure I can make it mean something.

The results of last night’s print job – a VBL with .50cal turret! Really impressed with how well it turned out. Dropping down to medium supports had only a few small loose pieces of resin but there was much less work to remove it from the supports and much less resin wasted in those supports. Downside, I need to work on the drainage for the hollowing. I left it propped up for an hour after cleaning and came back to a pool of liquid resin over my workbench (luckily on the silicone mat).

Today was definitely a busy 3d printing day as I also quick printed off the latest Turnbase releases. Some very familiar Task Force members (ready to do a quick hop across the border) were printed out, and I’m pretty excited to get them painted up. I also printed out three more High Intensity bodies to use the separate heads for Alejando, Matt and Steve.

And alas, I had some print failures (hence why not everyone is in the picture above. Matt’s arm and foot has a nasty case of flat (I guess some support failures) while the High Intensity breacher sadly had a suppressor snap off while cleaning the supports. These two are going into a box, maybe I can use some of these parts.