SITREP – VBL Painting Begins

Started painting up the pair of VBLs. These will be vehicles from the Emirate of Bazistan, a sub nation of the larger Bazi Empire and one currently getting the cast offs. For this reason, I’ll stick with something similar to the two T62s I painted up – that’s about the tech level the Emir’s forces will end up being. Expect to see a lot of these vehicles as alternatives to the Humvee I’ve used in the past, providing some bulletproof armour in small engagements.

This is all based around the world building I’m doing for the ChargeReal. To help you understand the Bazi Empire’s nations, let’s take a quick look at the tanks:

The Emirate is the nation that was given to the King’s cousin and is the poor man of the region – translated, expect a lot of hand me down kit from the rest of the Empire and it’s neighbours but with a touch of extra modification to it, similar to real-world Iran. Hence why they have the T62 in their arsenal, although it might be augmented with a few early pattern M1s with some local upgrades (such as a DSHK on the pintle mount or a locally made thermal optical system).

The central area of the Empire, the actual Kingdom itself, will be using a mix of Tsarist tech (the T14 is waiting) but keeping an eye on extending their home grown projects (I’m eyeing up the Altay that Guaro has) just in case the Tsarina decides to stop selling to them and take the main highway through Shyluz to expand her holdings. These tanks will be in better condition than their Emirate cousins although a little less veteran as they aren’t in an ongoing war footing (unless you’re one of the soldiers sent north to assist).

Meanwhile the technically advanced (and richer) nation of Alhuriya will be using vehicles developed in partnership with their neighbour Rettung (so it will probably be a very late pattern Leopard 2 variant or maybe the Merkava). This is where we get the fun bleeding edge tech, so I might even wheel out some concept vehicles for these guys, like the Polish “stealth” tank.

Naturally all these vehicles will get their own names at some point but they are handy as guides