SITREP – Cultists!

After taking a few days off for the weekend (busy in the garden and watching films), decided to restart the hobby streak by frantically getting things together for Wednesday’s game against The Sister.

For that game, I need some more cultists for my Swordmasters to fight. I’ve got 5 from the Rangers of the Shadow Deep range (two warriors, a champion and a pair of archers) but a few more will be needed for a proper scrap. Tonight I managed to paint up four of them, built from a Frostgrave Cultist sprue. I tried to match the scheme of my older cultists in the black robes and golden mask, but there is some differences due to models. I wanted to keep them as horrible as the others, so I added touches like the bloodied footwraps from walking around in bare feet.

I’ve got another to paint tomorrow, as well as a pair of mages that might play a certain role in the story…