SITREP – Weekend

That’s me on the right of the image, hiding my face behind the face mask

Had a busy weekend – a few friends visiting and a Sunday airsofting up at Dirty Dog close to Darlington. Fun running around, need to improve my fitness/strength to be able to carry the gear I want to. As with all weekends, good for actually seeing people, bad for getting hobby done. Tonight’s work has mostly been cleaning up after playing host (and recovering some sleep) so our weekly hangout didn’t happen.

But I have some stuff planned for this week:

  • Finish off the pair of VBLs.
  • Finish the figures I need for next week’s fantasy game (at the moment two mages and a magical crystal.
  • Basing pass on all the stuff on my desk.
  • Starting thinking about a new moderns scenario – a friend of mine asked if I’d be interested in hosting some wargames for him when he’s in the area and honestly an extra game once in a while sounds like a good idea.